Add Services

Now let's add the your services. To do this, go to: Settings (Gear Icon) > Services

There are both categories and services in Mangomint. Examples for categories would be Haircuts, Color, Styling. Services are assigned to a category and examples would be Women's Haircut, All Over Color, etc.

Please note:
The order in which the categories and services appear on this screen will be the same as your online booking. To rearrange, simply drag and drop.

To add a category:

  • Use the Add Category button.

  • Enter the category name.

After you create a category, you can now add services to it.

  • Use the Add Service button underneath the service category.

  • Enter a name for the service.

Please note:
As a general rule, make sure that each service name can be understood independently as clients will only see this name on their notifications. For example: If you create a category for "Waxing", and use "Underarm" for the service name, your clients will receive a notification that says "You have been booked for Underarm". To avoid this confusion use a service name such as "Underarm Waxing".
  • Select a default duration and price of the service. This can later be customized for each individual staff members.

  • Enable the processing and buffer times if the services require it. To learn more, go to: Processing, Finishing, and Buffer times

Enable services for online booking

If you are planning to use online booking, you should also enable each service that you want to make available.

To do this, select the service and go to the online booking tab.

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