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11 Mangomint features that can help boost holiday sales

You can maximize your salon or spa’s holiday sales potential by leveraging these tools and features.
By Emily Holzer | November 17, 2023
11 Mangomint features that can help boost holiday sales

With the holiday season in full swing, salon and spa owners likely want to make the most of their income potential. Mangomint is here to highlight 11 features that can help boost revenue — during the holidays and year-round.

1. Online gift cards and promotions

As a salon or spa owner, you can only fit so many appointments into a busy day — capping your holiday earning potential. However, gift card sales let you unlock another layer of seasonal revenue. Best of all, holiday gift cards can practically sell themselves during the gift-giving season.

Mangomint helps ensure your gift cards are easy to buy online. Our platform can sell gift cards directly on your website and during online booking. Once a client’s payment goes through, the digital gift card is automatically delivered to the designated email.

We give salons and spas the power to upload their own gift card designs to put their brands at center stage — or pick from our library of professionally designed templates for a quick and easy solution. Once your gift cards are ready to sell online, Mangomint helps boost sales by supporting seamless gift card promotions. You can view our webinar on holiday gift card creation, distribution, and promotions for more information.

2. Salon and spa memberships

Memberships are the gifts that keep giving (for you and your clients). There are a few simple ways to boost holiday membership sales:

  • Expand your membership offerings — creating additional membership tiers or bundles can help you attract a wider audience.

  • New member discount — create a promotion for new memberships to get sales moving. For example, you may offer a limited-time 50% off the first month of a new membership. This discount can encourage clients who have been considering your membership options to finally make the switch.

  • Member-only savings — you can also further incentivize this program by creating member-exclusive deals — rewarding new and existing members with extra savings on products and services.

These memberships will boost your holiday sales and provide recurring revenue for your business year-round.

3. Two-Way Texting for central communication

During the holiday season, it is easy to miss potential sales when communication slips through the cracks. Especially as the busiest time of the year, you can easily overlook valuable messages while working to manage your business.

Mangomint’s Two-Way Texting feature is designed to streamline and centralize client communication across devices and providers. This feature keeps communication in the app — making messages accessible across staff members under your custom permission settings. It also lets you quickly view a client’s communication history before an appointment, saving you time while ensuring you are ready for every service.

4. Seamlessly sell add-ons to boost appointment value

Service Customizations help maximize your average appointment value. If you haven’t updated your service menu yet to include seasonal or year-round add-ons, you could be leaving revenue on the table. Service Customizations can provide a few profit-boosting advantages during the holiday season:

Ensuring accurate billing and scheduling

Have you ever experienced kitchen sink syndrome during a service? This is when a client or appointment continues to require more than anticipated (until you are giving everything but the kitchen sink). 

Not only can this throw off your schedule for the day, but it can also be complicated to track and bill every small add-on — often leading salon owners to eat extra costs. Advanced scheduling sets clear upfront pricing and expectations to ensure customer satisfaction without sacrificing your salon or spa’s best interests. 

Maximizing time in the chair

For hair salons, nail salons, tattoo shops, and other businesses, the beginning of your appointment can involve time discussing exactly what your client wants and prepping the materials needed for these specifications. 

With Service Customizations, you get this insight before your client walks through the door — giving you time to prep materials and limiting the time you spend chatting with the client before your billable appointment begins.

Unlocking revenue from luxury add-ons

Clients are often willing to pay more to enhance their experience at your business. Making more upgrades available to customers is a surefire way to boost holiday revenue. 

5. Client self-checkout and virtual waiting room for increased capacity

During the holiday season, every spare moment counts. When you quickly get a client in and out the door, you open up their chair for new appointments. Mangomint can help you automate the check-in and check-out processes:

  • Virtual Waiting Room lets clients check themselves in. This feature automatically notifies your provider that the client is waiting. Then, the provider can use the Virtual Waiting Room’s “Notify” button to let clients know they are ready to go.

  • Client self-checkout is one of the many features that can help streamline your front desk operations. At the end of the appointment, clients receive a text message with the payment link — letting them pay directly from their smartphone. This feature helps clients access their mobile wallets, which can complete transactions at the click of a button. It can also prevent clients from waiting in line to pay when multiple appointments end at once.

6. Express Booking™ for easy phone scheduling

’Tis the season for keeping your salon or spa fully booked. You can close more holiday sales when optimizing your scheduling process. Express Booking is especially helpful for completing otherwise long phone booking sessions at the click of a button. Instead of manually transcribing a client’s contact and payment details, this feature will send your client a link to fill out their appointment information.

Not only is this more convenient for you, but it can also save your clients time — providing a better customer experience that will have them coming back long after the holiday season.

7. Retail and inventory management

It is vital to ensure your shelves are fully stocked with your most popular products this holiday season. Not only is it the gift-giving season, but you will also have more customers than usual in front of your shelves. 

You can sell more products this holiday season with organized retail and inventory management. 

  • Mangomint’s inventory tracking feature can help keep tabs on product levels. You can quickly see which products need a holiday restock vs. which overstocked items may be perfect for a holiday promotion. 

  • Our Shopify integration seamlessly syncs your online storefront with your in-house product usage and sales — ensuring accurate inventory tracking across platforms.

  • Once it is time to order more inventory, the software can streamline and simplify your purchase orders. Click to read more about Mangomint’s retail and inventory features.

8. Email marketing promotions

How do you get the word out about the beautiful work your business is doing this holiday season? Consider sending an email marketing campaign using Mangomint’s Mailchimp integration. This feature can help you reach all your clients at once to remind them of your holiday deals, discounts, service specials, and promotions. For more help getting the word out during the holidays, we have seasonal email marketing templates and ideas for you here. 

9. Expand payment processing with Mangomint Pay

According to research by the Baymard Institute, limited payment options can deter 11% of customers from booking with your business. Digital wallets are currently the most popular payment method — and researchers expect these options to continue earning market share. If you don’t accept mobile wallets, you can seamlessly expand your payment options with a Mangomint Pay account. 

10. Word-of-mouth marketing with a referral program

If you have considered launching a referral program, there is no better time to get started. A referral program can get new clients through your doors while rewarding your most loyal customers. Such word-of-mouth marketing efforts have proven especially helpful in boosting conversions during the holiday season. You can find more insight on managing referral programs in Mangomint here.

11. Advanced booking options

Finally, Mangomint users can save time and money by taking advantage of advanced scheduling features:

  • Request a reference photo during booking to limit the time it takes for a client to find one during the appointment. 

  • The Intelligent Waitlist can automatically match new schedule openings with available clients on your waitlist — helping you stay booked while saving you time and keeping clients happy. 

  • Resource scheduling automatically ties an appointment option with its required resources — avoiding any in-house shuffle or delays during your appointment.

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