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24 Barbershop marketing ideas to improve business performance

We compiled a list of the barbershop marketing ideas your business can launch right away to boost profits and grow your client list.

24 Barbershop marketing ideas to improve business performance
Emily Holzer
By Emily Holzer

Content Marketing Manager

With the quick evolution of tech in the barbershop software industry, a strong marketing strategy can quickly become outdated and ineffective without the right maintenance. Here are 24 proven barbershop marketing ideas to help refresh your approach, reach new clients, and keep them coming back for more.

Grow recurring income with barbershop membership marketing

Membership programs offer a unique marketing outlet that has your services essentially sell themselves month after month. This strategy can provide reliable, recurring profits for your business and must-have deals for clients — a win-win opportunity.

1. Create and maintain barbershop memberships

Since men often require frequent barbershop services, memberships offer a great way to keep clients hooked. Simply determine a fixed price for a monthly service option. In exchange, clients get additional incentives or discounted pricing from traditional service costs. For example, barbershop memberships may include:

  • Two beard trims per month ($30)

  • Four beard or hair services per month ($85)

  • One free monthly nose or ear hair trim for members

  • Discounts for any additional services barbershop members book

  • Priority scheduling for appointment openings by selecting members first on the 

    Intelligent Waitlist

You get the idea. There are countless different ways to tailor barbershop membership options to your business. 

Collectively, membership programs offer a proven way to support existing clients, keep them coming back, and boost their lifetime value. For more information, you can view Mangomint's webinar on adding, customizing, and managing barbershop memberships.

2. Retail and merchandise memberships

Men's subscription boxes for self-care, hair care, and beard care are on the rise. In fact, data suggests that Dollar Shave Club is one of the top 3 global brands in the subscription box industry. You can get your share of this market while boosting client loyalty and your revenue.

If you love to research new products and keep your inventory stocked, this option might be for you. 

So, how does it work? Start by researching new products that 1) meet client needs and 2) offer discounts for buying in bulk. Additionally, you may be able to score discounted (or even free) products by reaching out to brands for partnerships. After all, these companies want to get new clients hooked on their products, so they can be eager to help. 

Then, you can assemble a subscription package at a flat rate for subscribers each month. Ideally, you will save enough on the products to earn a hefty return and pass along savings to your clients — helping them get a great deal while trying cool new products. 

Best of all, your local clients will likely want to save on shipping costs by choosing in-store pick-up. This pick-up process can encourage clients to book an appointment every month during their visit to your barbershop. 

Admittedly, the coordination of these boxes can be a lot of work. To set yourself up for success, consider reaching out to potential suppliers for details and explore the potential costs, management overhead, and client interest before diving in. 

Barbershop service promotions and gift card discounts

Your barbershop services are at the heart of your business. By enticing audiences with promotions, you can make the most of every marketing opportunity:

3. Sell barbershop service bundles or packages

Selling packages can help secure an upfront payment for a high volume of appointments. These packages could be for a wide variety of use cases:

Individual packages like "Get your next 5 beard trims for the price of 4" and similar offers can reward clients for sticking with your business. This practice also provides your salon with a steady income in an often unpredictable industry

Service bundles, like "Save 10% when you get a haircut and beard trim," encourage clients to upgrade their appointments. This practice can help increase your average ticket value to boost the revenue from your appointments.

4. Entice new clients with limited-time add-on deals

Discounting your core barbershop services can get new customers in the door — but these deals can bring more trouble than they are worth. Most prominently, core service discounts devalue your worth, attracting customers who may simply be sold by the low prices rather than your high-quality services. As such, these clients will be unlikely to return without a promotion, failing to provide any worthwhile revenue for your business.

Instead, keep your core pricing the same but increase the value of the appointment with limited-time add-on deals. This will attract clients who align with your service prices and ensure an experience that will have them ready to come back before they leave your chair

5. Take advantage of barbershop gift card discounts

Barbershop gift card discounts offer an easy promotion to boost revenue on any occasion. These discounts also work to bring new clients into your business. 

For example, when a gift card is on sale, clients are more likely to buy one for friends and family members. These gifts will connect your business to new (and potentially recurring) clients in your area. You can find more captivating gift card promotion ideas for your barbershop here.

Reach more clients with email marketing for barbershops

Email marketing is a helpful way to boost barbershop revenue and encourage clients to book. Use your client list to send emails with your barbershop software's built-in email marketing tool or integrating a 3rd party solution, like Mailchimp. Here are a few ideas to help keep your barbershop communication fresh:

6. Enjoy seasonal email marketing opportunities

Seasons, holidays, and special occasions offer an easy and captivating way to connect with clients via email. It is also the perfect opportunity to offer your barbershop's solutions to seasonal problems.

For example, barbershops can easily earn clients with a "No Shave November '' promo that helps clients shape their newly full facial hair. Additionally, this is the perfect time to start pushing gift card discounts to help boost holiday sales.

There are equally unique seasonal opportunities around every corner of the year, so consider sending out an email campaign that highlights how your business can help clients look and feel their best. If you are ready for some inspiration, read our list of 26 seasonal email marketing ideas.

7. Provide relevant promotions, deals, and discounts

Clients get inundated with emails daily. Even your best deals can get lost in the noise. If you are finding your email campaigns falling short, chances are that you are sending out email "blasts" to all your clients instead of relevant segments of your client list.

Before we take a closer look, it is helpful to understand how email platforms interact with your business emails. If a mail platform notices lots of unopened emails from your business, it will filter your campaign into a promotions folder — or directly to spam. Rather than helping your business, this can waste money on emails that will never be read. 

So, how does your barbershop break through the email marketing noise? The easiest way is with relevant and enticing emails sent only to the most fitting clients for each deal. 

For example, sending your hair replacement clients only hair replacement tips, deals, and updates will work favorably within their email algorithm. Your messages will never go to waste or get filtered into a promotions/spam folder. 

Conversely, sending a haircut or dye promotion to one of your hair replacement clients is the easiest way to get them to tune out or unsubscribe. 

As such, the easiest way to get the word out about your sale is with a personalized email marketing campaign to a limited audience. Filter your client list for those who have previously had services relevant to your promo. Then, use this marketing opportunity to highlight your limited-time deal, provide clients with promotion details, and link directly to your online booking tool.

You can learn more exciting ways to customize your email marketing campaigns in our webinar here.

8. Excite clients with barbershop business updates

Do you have any new services, specialists, or barbershop amenities? These business updates are all candidates for an email marketing campaign. This practice can put your salon at the top of clients' minds, creating excitement about new services and encouraging them to book an appointment. 

These updates can also improve customer experience by setting client expectations about changes within your barbershop.

9. Effective direct marketing outreach

As mentioned above, email blasts can easily get lost in the marketing noise. However, you can take email segmentation one step further with direct email marketing. This process involves sending a highly personalized and effective email to an individual barbershop client on your list.

For example, can you think of any previously consistent haircut + beard-shaping clients you haven't seen in months? Direct email marketing may help get them back into their old barbershop routine. You can use a client retention report to help find direct marketing opportunities.

Increase visibility with directory listing marketing

When clients Google local barbershops, how do you ensure your business comes up? Directory listing marketing is the key to success:

10. Enhance your barbershop's Google Business Profile

Perhaps the most impactful and practical approach to unpaid marketing is optimizing your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business, or GMB). There are a few simple ways to do this:

Maximize your business descriptions — using every possible character within the 750 limit — to share details about your business. Google only shows the first 250 characters above the "read more" tag, so put your most captivating information first. 

Update your service list in GMB to reflect your current barbershop services menu. While Google doesn't display these in your profile currently, it still uses them to connect your business with potential barbershop clients. For barbers (and other local service businesses), Google has a pre-set list of services you can choose from. Make sure you are taking advantage of every relevant opportunity on the list, and de-select any services you no longer offer. You can find Google's guide to the services editor here.

Finally, you should keep your central business information up-to-date. Otherwise, you will likely miss or frustrate potential clients with a broken website link or inaccurate hours of operation. Read Google's guide to communicating holiday hours and special closures here.

While Google Business Profile is perhaps the most popular directory listing, there are others you can optimize to ensure your business is well-represented across devices and platforms.

11. Claim and update your Bing Places listing

Bing Places is Microsoft's version of Google Business Profile. Thanks to Microsoft's exclusive partnership with the popular ChatGPT AI tool, the company's search engine has been on the rise — now with more than 100 million daily active users. So, when a potential client asks Bing Chat about local barbershops, will it respond with information about your business? The easiest way to help boost your barbershop is by claiming and updating your free Bing Places profile.

12. Explore the Nextdoor app for barbershops

While it often falls beneath the marketing radar, one in every three US households uses the Nextdoor app. Nextdoor is a hyperlocal networking platform — connecting people to other individuals and businesses in their neighborhood. You can claim a free business page on the Nextdoor app to share information about your barbershop, join conversations, and keep your business connected with the community.

13. Keep Apple Business Connect up-to-date

How do you get your barbershop to show up properly on Apple Maps? Apple Business Connect is the key. This platform keeps information current on Apple Maps and Siri voice searches. As the default navigation system for the 150 million US iPhone users, it is essential your barbershop's business information stays up-to-date on the platform. Take a moment to claim your business on Apple Business Connect and update any outdated information.

14. Collect Yelp reviews for barbershops

Yelp is an online review platform that connects individuals with barbershops and other local businesses. With 2.7+ million individuals checking into Yelp daily, it is a helpful directory listing for you to optimize.

Barbershops can verify their free Yelp listing to get started. Once verified, you can keep central details (like your address, phone number, and service menu) updated. If you would like to take it one step further, barbershops can buy ads that will put the listing on top of relevant searches.

15. Earn reviews across platforms

While you would like to let your services speak for themselves, reviews from previous clients are proven to heavily influence potential customers. According to data from BrightLocal, 85% of consumers look for a high average star rating when booking a local service, and 60% value a high review volume.

So, how do you get more positive reviews for your barbershop? You can send a streamlined message after each appointment that encourages clients to leave a review. To make things even easier for clients, add a custom review link that sends clients directly to your business page.

Spread brand awareness with social media marketing

Social media can help barbershop businesses spread brand awareness. However, it can also feel overwhelming— especially if you are unsure if your efforts will pay off. While it can take some time, patience, and consistency, low return from social media marketing often means you are due for a new strategy. Here are some marketing ideas for leveraging opportunities on social platforms:

16. Create and share your online portfolio

Your barbershop's portfolio is a vital marketing tool for showcasing your talents and skills to potential clients. Think of your social media profile as a digital portfolio.

Like a standard portfolio, it is essential you keep it updated with your best work. The easiest and most effective way is to share the work you are already doing. You can request permission to share client photos during the booking process. This marketing effort works to provide a few benefits for your business:

  • Simplifies social media content creation.

  • Encourages clients to repost/share — enhancing your brand awareness.

  • Makes your clients feel supported and connected to your business, encouraging rebooking and client loyalty.

17. Consider influencer or affiliate social media marketing

Local influencers can help spread the word about your barbershop. The influencer marketing industry is expected to be valued at $7.14 billion in 2024, thanks to its potential for a high ROI. There are a few tips for getting started with influencer marketing:

  • Start local: As a small business, this marketing option is only effective with influencers who have a following in your area. While big-name influencers can be quite pricey, local "micro-influencers" with several thousand followers will likely be more accessible and relevant to your barbershop.

  • Ask your staff: If you don't find any names on your existing client list, members of your staff may be attuned to the local influencer scene and have recommendations on potential partnerships.

  • A quick search: In many cases, the easiest way to find influencers in your area is with a quick online search. With the rise of affiliate marketing, there are plenty of resources in place to help connect businesses with local influencers.

After you find the right local micro-influencers, reach out and offer an incentive (like a small payment and free barbershop service) to promote your business.

18. Client highlights for social media posts

As mentioned above, sharing your portfolio online is a great way to boost social media engagement. However, you can take it one step further with a client highlight series. 

For example, let's say you want to boost your beard shaping or trimming appointments. Introduce a "Beard of the Week" or "Beard of the Month" social media series. During online booking for beard-related appointments, ask clients for permission to share photos within this promo. Then, choose a post from your library once every week or month. You may also consider rewarding selected clients with a small incentive to rebook, like a 10% discount or an exclusive branded beard comb reserved just for this program. 

There are countless ways to flex your creativity to create on social media. If clients seem engaged, you can keep it going. If it doesn't take off, these programs are easy to phase out for something new. 

This style of marketing makes your clients feel appreciated, boosts their confidence (and loyalty to your business), encourages booking, and provides you with engaging social content that is certain to increase your brand awareness. 

Consider paid barbershop advertising

While social media is still undeniably important, barbershop clients may not be as actively engaged in aesthetic content on social channels as in many other salon industry sectors. If you are not getting the organic traction you need, it may be worthwhile to consider paid advertising outlets.

19. Connect with a marketing agency

Paid marketing is a straightforward way to get your business right in front of clients by paying platforms to put you first. This strategy can apply to ads on social media platforms, Google search results, Bing search results, and other directory listings.

The obvious downside to these ads is the "paid" element. This marketing outlet comes with upfront costs, both in management and your running ad budget:

  • Management of paid ads: Let's face it: most barbershop owners have their hands full. This busy schedule leaves very little time to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing. Unlike organic channels, paid ads need consistent supervision to ensure your budget is being spent wisely and paced to last each month. Consider looking into agencies with a proven track record of helping barbershop clients. 

  • Price of paid barbershop ads: Paid advertising works in a bidding system. You set a budget, which is allocated to bidding on certain relevant searches. The price for your campaigns can vary starkly, which is why it is best to turn to a paid barbershop marketing expert for support. 

Refresh your barbershop's website

Your website is a digital lifeline between your business and your clients. Even the smallest website improvements can have a significant impact on your organic (unpaid) marketing performance:

20. Implement fast, seamless online booking

Successful digital marketing requires a positive online user experience. For example, let's say your marketing efforts successfully bring clients to book an appointment on your website. How long will they watch the site's loading wheel spin before they become frustrated and turn to another barbershop instead? Unfortunately, it doesn't take long at all. Studies show that B2C businesses (like barbershops) with websites that load within one second will earn 2.5x more conversions than sites that load in five seconds. 

Conversely, an efficient online booking tool will help interested clients transition from skimming your online service menu to sending you a deposit within minutes.

21. Emphasize your barbershop's value

Why should clients choose your barbershop over others in the area? What makes your business stand out? Whether it is your clean edge-ups, your judgment-free environment, exceptional customer service, or the array of upgrades you offer — ensure this value proposition is front and center on your website.

Your site is also the main target of most cause marketing efforts (when you connect with clients by aligning with their values). Whether you support local nonprofits or promote equality, inclusivity, accessibility, or sustainability in your salon — these connections can help you spread your cause and earn new clients.

For example, consider highlighting any eco-friendly products you use and the waste-limiting practices in your barbershop. This green marketing angle can help attract new clients to your business.

22. Make it easy for clients to personalize services and increase ticket value

In many cases, clients know exactly what they want from their appointment. Personalized service bookings can help clients communicate these preferences while maximizing your salon's revenue from every appointment. You can personalize your services by presenting additional options and add-ons at every step of your booking flow. For example, popular barbershop haircut add-ons include:

  • Nose hair trimming

  • Ear hair trimming

  • Hot towel shaving add-on

  • Blow dry styling service

  • Face and neck massage

  • Face masks or other facial care treatments

  • Eyebrow shaping, waxing, or clean-ups

  • Shape-ups (also called line-ups or edge-ups)

For help getting started, you can offer advanced add-ons in your online booking flow with Service Customizations. This feature lets you create upgrades that seamlessly integrate within your service menu and ensure your schedule and price reflect the appointment's needs.

Earn new clients naturally with word-of-mouth marketing

Referral marketing is a powerful tool for barbershop businesses. It rewards your most loyal clients while helping your barbershop stay fully booked. Let's explore some word-of-mouth barbershop marketing ideas:

23. Host barbershop events

If you provide high-quality barbershop services, clients will be excited to share the experience with friends, coworkers, and family members. However, you can help speed up these referrals with a promotion or event. 

  • "Bring a Buddy" events, for example, can be successful for word-of-mouth marketing, where a client is rewarded for booking an appointment with a friend, coworker, or family member. 

  • You may hold a "longest beard" trimming contest. This will create a buzz in your business while attracting the clients who may need your services most. 

  • Hold "academy" events where you teach clients how to style and maintain their facial hair between appointments.

These events encourage your clients to schedule a service while expanding your potential revenue and providing you with new clients.

24. Launch a referral program

The simplest way to mobilize word-of-mouth marketing is with a referral program. Potential customers are more likely to trust recommendations from friends and family members — especially when it comes to beauty services. In fact, 93% of customers consider referrals more trustworthy than traditional advertisements. Best of all, these programs offer benefits for everyone involved:

  • Referrers: Your most devoted clients will be rewarded each time they help someone new find your barbershop — with gift cards, discounts, or whatever reward structure your business creates.

  • Referred clients: These recommendations alleviate the need for new clients to extensively research local businesses. You could also sweeten the deal by adding a discount to your referral program that rewards new clients for sharing their referral source and giving your barbershop a try.

  • Your business: This strategy can improve your existing client loyalty and satisfaction while effortlessly growing your clientele. Additionally, referred clients are most likely to be a perfect fit for your business (and perhaps become repeat customers), as they were recommended by someone who knows both your barbershop and the new client well.

You can read more about managing your referral program in Mangomint here.

Mangomint software for barbershops

As your marketing efforts help grow your barbershop clientele and profits, you will need the right management tools on your side. Mangomint is here to help. Our barbershop management software is built to streamline, improve, and ease your daily operations using advanced features built with you in mind. If you are thinking about switching software, consider starting a free trial or booking a live product demo with Mangomint today.

Emily Holzer
Emily Holzer is a Content Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a master’s degree in English and a passion for helping salons, spas, and other local beauty businesses thrive. When she is not writing, you can find her playing chess or tending to her houseplants. Fun fact: Emily has donated 8 ponytails (so far) across 5 hair loss charities in the U.S.

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