Kick your last-generation software to the curb.

Salon and spa software has sucked forever. We're here to change that. So what makes Mangomint different?
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Reason #1

Fast & beautiful interface

Let’s not beat around the bush, most salon and spa software looks and feels like it hasn’t been updated since the dawn of the internet — we think you deserve better.

We built Mangomint with the same love and care that goes into some of the world's best technology products. Clean aesthetics, friendly interfaces, and an overall focus to make it extremely fast.

The other guys. Yikes! 😱
Reason #2

Super smart automations

Time is money — the old saying couldn’t be more true. With many tools it takes 20 steps and 5 different windows to do even the most basic tasks. It shouldn't be this way!

We are super focused on creating smart automations that save you time, eliminate errors, and remove the frustrating parts of your day-to-day.

Reason #3

Reduce overhead costs

It's a shame that small businesses are getting crushed by rising costs and regulations. While other software providers promise you the world, our mission is simple: we are here to help you cut your overhead costs.

We give you intelligent tools and automations so you can have fewer people at the front-desk.

Reason #4

The future is recurring

We believe in a future where you walk out of a salon or spa the same way you get out of an Uber. No more credit cards, cash, or signing receipts.

Recurring memberships and subscriptions will fundamentally change the game. Mangomint is at the leading edge of this wave.

Reason #5

Full access from anywhere

Other platforms limit your features and functionality on mobile devices. We think that’s wild. With Mangomint, you have access to all of your features and data from any device and our fully functioning mobile apps can perform all the same tasks as your front desk computer.

Reason #6

Really, really great support

We're firm believers that when you have a question you need answers right away, not hours from now, not tomorrow, and definitely not next week. Our friendly team in California is happy to help you resolve any issues quickly and effectively. Our customers love knowing that help from a real person is always just a click away.

"I love that I have a dedicated person to connect with when I have a question."
Gina Lafler, My Little Beautique
"It's what customer service should be–real people helping us find solutions."
Nicole Hartmann, Harper Salon
"Mangomint is basically like having our own salon business consultant."
Takafumi Oiwa, Studio Taka
Reason #7

We don’t hold you hostage

Contracts are stupid. We hate being locked in to a subscription as much as you do! With Mangomint, contracts don’t exist and you can always cancel your account for any reason, at any time.

Reason #8

Your data is yours

We believe your data belongs to you and nobody else so we don’t make you jump through hoops to get it. If you choose to leave, we’re happy to export your data for you and wish you luck for the future.

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