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Generate revenue & incentivize sales

Simplify your gift card sales, keep track of usage, and offer custom branded gift cards directly on your website and online booking.

What’s Included:

Offer gift cards directly on your website

Sell branded gift cards with custom amounts directly on your website and online booking.

Our digital gift card feature allows you to track gift card sales and usage within Mangomint to keep all of your gift card data in one place.

Sell gift cards and certificates

Mangomint supports the use of different types of gift cards/certificates and works with barcode scanners to speed up your workflows.

Gift cards are tracked by assigning unique numbers to each card and are linked to the owner client within the system for a simplified checkout process.

Easy tracking and management

Create new gift cards and view existing card balances and additional details from the Mangomint gift cards dashboard.

Assign purchasing clients and owners, edit amounts, and view usage history by date.

Access clients' gift cards on the payments screen

Your clients' gift cards can be viewed within the checkout process and can even be used without the physical gift card present.

Access a client's available gift card balance straight from the payments screen and apply a custom amount or the entire balance to the ticket total.

Sync gift cards to client profiles

When you create or sell a new gift card it gets automatically synced to the associated client's profile under their credit/gift cards tab.

Assign "purchasers" and "owners" to each gift card to ensure that the balance is synced to the correct client account for later use.

Sales & usage reports

View gift card sales totals and adjustments that occur within a custom time period with our gift card sales report.

Gather gift card usage data within a custom time period, along with the service member assigned to the sale with the gift card usage report.

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