Explore some of the tools our platform integrates with.
Poynt Smart Terminal

Poynt allows you accept credit cards and mobile payments (such as Apple Pay) with a modern and completely wireless device.

Using the Mangomint platform integration, the checkout is quick and easy, and no manual entry of amounts is required.


Stripe is the leading payments platform for accepting online-payments today.

With the Mangomint integration you can require credit cards for online booking and put cards on file for your clients.


Mailchimp has been the undisputed king in email marketing, allowing you to craft beautiful emails in only a few minutes.

Our integration keeps contacts in sync and allows you to run automatic campaigns in Mailchimp based on client data, such as purchase history, follow-up reminders, and more.


WaiverForever is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to create waivers and client intake forms. Clients can complete them online ahead of their visit or in-person on an iPad.

Enabling our integration will automatically upload waiver and form PDFs into the client timeline in Mangomint.

Keep your eyes peeled, we’re always adding new integrations to Mangomint.