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Introducing Payroll Processing in Mangomint

Ditch your third-party payroll provider and run payroll in minutes directly in the salon and spa software you use every day.

Introducing Payroll Processing in Mangomint
Abby Schmautz
By Abby Schmautz

Product Marketing Manager

Paying your staff members shouldn’t be a chore or take hours to complete.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Mangomint’s new Payroll Processing feature so you can kick off 2024 with our fully-integrated payroll solution designed just for salons and spas.

We have all of your payroll needs covered:

  • Process payroll for your employees (W-2) and contractors (1099) directly in Mangomint

  • Pay your staff members accurately and on time with multiple compensation methods supported (hourly, salary, commission, and tips) and unlimited payroll runs

  • Give your staff members access to their pay stubs in their own Mangomint account

  • Use our updated, interactive payroll reporting to review all payroll details and make on-the-fly pay adjustments

Give your payroll process a makeover

Dread running payroll? You're not alone.

With Payroll Processing, you'll no longer need to download multiple PDFs, do annoying manual calculations, and log into a clunky third-party system just to process your payroll.

We’ve cut out the extra steps so you can handle all of your payroll needs in Mangomint without the stress or hassle.

It's fast and easy to get your staff paid. We offer unlimited payroll runs (including off-cycle runs) at no extra charge.

No sweat. No wasted time.

Full-service payroll for your salon or spa

Payroll doesn’t have to be scary (we promise).

We handle all the complex details like tax calculations, payments, and filings for local, state, and federal taxes so you can remain compliant with all local laws and regulations.

We'll also take care of things like deductions and reimbursements so your payroll process is worry-free.

Our expert team will personally guide you through every step of the process to ensure you have a smooth transition to Payroll Processing.

Make payday easy for your staff

It’s simple to enroll your employees and contractors in Payroll Processing. They need just a few key pieces of information to get started.

Workers can easily access their digital pay stubs in their own Mangomint accounts as needed.

They can also set up direct deposit and receive payday notifications for ultimate convenience.

Review and adjust payroll whenever, wherever

Access all the reporting you need for payroll runs - even when you’re on the go.

Our updated, interactive payroll report lets you view totals and daily breakdowns for staff members to see hours worked, sales, commission, and more.

You can instantly make pay adjustments anytime for things like bonuses with just a couple clicks.

The new payroll report is available now at no additional cost on all Mangomint plans.

Head over to the new Payroll screen to check it out. To learn more about the redesigned payroll report, please visit our Learning Center.

Who is currently eligible for Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing is available now for businesses located in the United States. Learn how to get started below.

Payroll Processing will be available for businesses located in Canada in 2024.

How to get started

You can add Payroll Processing to all Mangomint plans for $50/month + $8/month for each worker. To learn more, read the Payroll Processing FAQ article.

For US customers interested in Payroll Processing, book a call with our team to find out if it’s right for your business and start the transition.

For customers located in Canada, let us know here if you're interested in Payroll Processing.

If you don’t have Mangomint yet, sign up for a free 30-day trial or book a live demo with one of our experts to see Mangomint in action.

Abby Schmautz
Abby Schmautz is a Product Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a degree in Media & Communication Technology and has held diverse roles in B2B tech spanning marketing, product, customer support, and operations. She loves the entrepreneurship and creative expression found in the beauty industry. Her favorite thing? Helping salons and spas thrive.

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