Automate your client check-in process

Mangomint’s Virtual Waiting Room streamlines the check-in process and simplifies communication with clients.
Virtual Waiting Room
Virtual Waiting Room

Automate Check-In Create a seamless client experience

Our Waiting Room feature lets you streamline the steps for checking in clients for their appointment. Automated workflows and notifications make it less busy at the front desk and create a more enjoyable experience for your clients and staff. See how it works:

The system automatically sends an email and text message to the client 15 minutes prior to their appointment time.

Clients check themselves in once they have arrived using a link in the text message. Staff then get alerted that their clients are waiting.

Staff can trigger a notification to let the client know that the service provider is ready for them.

Real-time Insight Keep track of waiting clients

Whether they are waiting outside or in your reception area, you can see the status of your current clients all in one place. As soon as their service provider is ready, send a text message notifying the client with the click of a button.

Keep track of waiting clients
Keep track of waiting clients

Automated Notifications Get the message every time

Get notified the moment your clients arrive. With text notifications enabled, you receive a message the minute your client is checked in through the front desk or the automated self-checkin link. When it’s time to get started, simply select the appointment on the calendar and use the Notify button to let your client know you’re ready.

Get the message every time
Get the message every time

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