All your locations in one place.

Do you have 2, 10, or 20 locations? Our system makes it easy to run your entire multi-location business from a single account.
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Quickly switch between locations

Our thoughtfully designed calendar filters let you manage the day at all your locations without frustration.

Switch between locations to view schedules and appointments across the entire business in a matter of seconds.

Adjust service menu and pricing for each location

Want to offer different services at each location? That's no problem with our advanced service settings.

Curate your service offerings and make pricing adjustments for each of your locations or choose to keep services and pricing consistent across the board.

Adjust service menu and pricing for each location

Manage staff across all locations

Filter your staff list by location or view the entire roster at once.

Enable staff members at the locations where they work within the staff member's profile. Manage access to client conversations based on locations where staff members work.

Manage staff across all locations

Cross-location reporting

Generate reports by individual location or get a high-level view of your business across all locations.

Mangomint gives you the ability to customize which locations are included in each report, so you can focus on only the data you need.

Cross-location reporting

Track client activity across all locations

Share client data and timelines across multiple locations.

Stay on top of your clients' activity at your business. The location where a service was performed is recorded in the client timeline to give you the full picture of a client's history.

Track client activity across all locations

Location selection in online booking

Get the same great online booking experience with an additional screen for location selection.

Enable online booking for all or only specific locations and allow clients to select their location of choice prior to choosing a service and staff member.

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