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Get to know your clients.

A solid database and understanding of your clients is the foundation of your success. We make it easy to keep track of everything you care about.

What’s Included:

Client database

Keep client information organized and accessible. Store contact details, social handles, birth dates, allergies, formulas, appointment and purchase history, and any other information that's useful to you.

Client timeline

The client timeline allows you to save appointment and purchase history automatically. Keep track of color formulas and notes, even upload photos and files so you can check progress over multiple sessions or treatments.

All of it gets saved in a sequential timeline so you have access to a complete picture of your clients' history and experience.

Client cards-on-file

Simplify the checkout process with cards-on-file and easily manage client payment methods within their client profile. 

Keeping cards-on-file allows for a contactless checkout and and lets you charge no-show and late cancellation fees as needed.

Automated appointment confirmations & reminders

Automate client communication to dramatically reduce scheduling tasks and phone time. Automatically send confirmation requests, appointment reminders, and cancellation notifications via email and SMS message.

Customize the timing and frequency of your reminders and include custom content to keep your clients informed.

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