Run your salon and spa payroll in minutes

Ditch extra systems and make payday easy with Mangomint’s full-service, built-in Payroll Processing.
Payroll Processing
Payroll Processing

Fast & accurate Give your payroll a makeover

Pay your employees and contractors on time — every time. No extra systems needed. We support multiple compensation types (hourly, salary, commission, tips) and unlimited payroll runs. View pay stubs online, set up direct deposit, and receive payment notifications.

Give your payroll a makeover
Give your payroll a makeover

FULL-SERVICE SALON & SPA PAYROLL Say goodbye to payroll headaches

Let us do the heavy lifting. We'll handle all calculations, payments, and filings for local, state, and federal taxes so you can ensure your payroll is accurate and complies with all laws and regulations. We’ll also take care of details like deductions and reimbursements.

Say goodbye to payroll headaches
Say goodbye to payroll headaches

INTERACTIVE PAYROLL REPORTING Review and adjust payroll on the go

Access all the information you need for payroll runs from anywhere. See totals and detailed breakdowns for each staff member, hours worked, commission amounts, and sales. Make on-the-fly pay adjustments with just a couple clicks. No complicated math required.

Review and adjust payroll on the go
Review and adjust payroll on the go

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