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Announcing Email Marketing in Mangomint, our built-in marketing tool

Boost bookings, promote your services to the right audience, and build lasting client relationships with Mangomint’s email marketing solution.

Announcing Email Marketing in Mangomint, our built-in marketing tool
Abby Schmautz
By Abby Schmautz

Product Marketing Manager

We’re thrilled to close out 2023 with the launch of Email Marketing, one of our most powerful (and most anticipated) features yet.

Most of your clients already live in their inbox. If your emails don’t show up there, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to drive more sales and engagement for your salon or spa.

Mangomint’s fully-integrated Email Marketing feature gives you all the tools you need to drive more revenue, strategically promote your services to the right audience, improve retention rates, and build relationships that last.

Build advanced email campaigns in minutes such as:

  • Announcements: Want to build buzz around grand openings, fresh services on your menu, newly-hired staff members, hot products back in stock, or upcoming events at your salon or spa? Craft announcement campaigns with ease and watch the excitement grow.

  • Special deals: Use email campaigns to entice your clients to come in more frequently so they can snag the latest sales on services and products.

  • Newsletters: Send newsletters on a consistent, predictable schedule so you can keep your clients in the loop on all the latest updates and steadily build relationships over time.

Segment clients for highly personalized campaigns

Our Email Marketing feature lets you filter your client list based on advanced criteria so you can send incredibly personalized campaigns to the clients who are most likely to resonate with your messaging.

Target specific clients based on data stored in Mangomint such as:

  • The staff member(s) clients had appointments with

  • Location(s) visited

  • First appointment date

  • Whether or not a client has a future appointment on the books

  • How long it’s been since a client had an appointment

  • Types of services the client received

  • Membership status

Combine multiple filters to create an ultra-specific campaign audience that you can build highly targeted campaigns around.

Every time you filter on additional criteria, Mangomint will automatically let you know how many clients in your database match the filters you selected. Preview the full list of clients who meet the criteria to ensure everything looks good.

Have a broader campaign in mind? You can also send campaigns to all the clients that are eligible to receive your marketing emails.

Become an email marketing pro

Our Email Marketing feature requires zero technical know-how or fancy coding skills.

After you decide which clients will receive your email campaign, jump right in and build a campaign in minutes with our easy drag-and-drop email builder.

Easily add content modules like headlines, paragraphs, images, dividers, social media icons, or even your own HTML.

Preview emails on both desktop and mobile so you can ensure your emails look perfect on any device.

Take personalization one step further by automatically inserting information about the client into your emails, such as the client's first name.

Send finished campaigns immediately, or schedule campaigns to send at a later date and time. Prepping campaigns in advance saves you precious time and makes it easy to schedule emails to be sent at optimal times to generate higher open rates.

Match your brand aesthetic with professional email templates

Email marketing acts as a seamless extension of your brand.

And when it comes to creating an email campaign, the overall design of an email is just as important as the carefully chosen words within that email.

That’s why our talented designers have crafted a library of beautiful, ready-to-use email templates made just for salons and spas.

We offer a variety of email designs that fit all kinds of different brand aesthetics, whether you prefer to go more minimalistic, modern, feminine, edgy, or something else entirely.

You’ll be certain to find an email template that matches your vibe. Keep in touch with your clients and look good doing it.

Use any template right out of the box, or use a template as a starting point and then make it entirely your own.

All the data you need to measure and monitor campaign performance

In the world of email marketing, this bears repeating: You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

We give you all the data you need right at your fingertips to stay on top of campaign performance and find out which email marketing strategies work best for your salon or spa.

After you send a campaign, view critical campaign metrics such as delivery rates, open rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, and failure rates.

You can also drill down into the list of recipients for a particular campaign and see the email addresses for recipients, along with whether they opened and clicked the email.

Find out what works (and what doesn’t) so your next campaign is even more successful than the last.

Stay top of mind long after clients finish their appointment

Mangomint gives you everything you need to operate your salon and spa, and now that includes boosting your bookings and improving client engagement with built-in email marketing tools.

Here’s a few more campaign ideas you can implement immediately:

  • Seasonal tips and discounts (perfect for the busy holiday season)

  • New client welcome emails

  • Service-specific campaigns such as re-engagement campaigns for all clients who received facials in the last two months, or clients who have gone over six months without a haircut appointment

  • Announcements for upcoming special events

  • Special offers for clients who purchased a specific type or brand of retail product

Check out this recent blog article to discover 26 can't-miss email marketing campaign ideas for your salon or spa.

How to get started

Email Marketing is available now on all Mangomint plans. To create and send your first campaign, head to the new Email Marketing screen and read this article to learn more.

This feature uses a credits-based system so you can pay as you go. Marketing credits cost 1c each. Read this article to learn more about how marketing credits work.

If you’re not using Mangomint yet, start a free 30-day trial or book a demo to see Email Marketing in action.

Abby Schmautz
Abby Schmautz is a Product Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a degree in Media & Communication Technology and has held diverse roles in B2B tech spanning marketing, product, customer support, and operations. She loves the entrepreneurship and creative expression found in the beauty industry. Her favorite thing? Helping salons and spas thrive.

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