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New in Mangomint | September 2021

Customize automated messages, streamline your check-in process, and create annual membership plans.
By Josephine Hulburd Schultz | September 30, 2021
New in Mangomint | September 2021

We've launched some new features to further simplify your day and provide a better experience for your clients. Here’s our latest improvements to Mangomint:

  • Customizable automated client messages

  • Streamlined check-in with the Waiting Room

  • Annual membership plans

Customize your automated messages

You're in charge. Our new Automated Messages feature gives you a higher level of control over your client facing and internal communication—in a truly innovative easy-to-use format.

Configure which messages are sent, when they are sent, and to whom. You can now manage your messages in a timeline view based on specific events like appointment booking, appointment cancellation, and more.

Update your messaging yourself–as often as you want. Give your messages a personal touch with:

  • Pre-appointment instructions

  • Cancellation and safety policies

  • Directions and parking info

  • A post-appointment thank you

  • and more

Streamline check-in with the Waiting Room

Our new Waiting Room feature lets you streamline your check-in process and simplify client communication.

When clients arrive and their service provider isn't quite ready, simply check them into the 'Waiting Room' to easily keep track who is waiting and for how long.

Make check-in even easier with automated messages that let your clients check in with their phone while waiting wherever they feel most comfortable. When the service provider is ready, notify the client with the click of a button.

Bill membership monthly or annually

Memberships are an excellent way to create loyal customers and build reliable income. When creating a membership plan, you can now choose "Every 12 months" for the billing period in addition to the existing monthly option. This gives you more flexibility in your membership offerings and lets you bill recurring payments at a frequency that works best for you.

In addition, we've added new details to the Client List Export and a couple minor updates. It's always been our mission to offer smart automations that help our customers cut costs and save time on manual tasks. We hope these features make your day-to-day even easier.

Let us know whether you find these new updates helpful. If you have any thoughts, questions, or feedback, we'd love to hear from you!

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