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Welcome to your new Waiting Room

Our new Virtual Waiting Room feature is here to streamline your check-in process and simplify communication with clients.
By Josephine Hulburd Schultz | September 15, 2021
Welcome to your new Waiting Room

We know your waiting room can be a hectic place. That's why we're excited to announce our new Virtual Waiting Room feature, designed to help you streamline your check-in process.

Whether your clients are waiting outside or in your reception area, you can see the status of your current clients all in one place. Plus, keep your waiting clients happy by simplifying communication between clients and staff using automated messages for check-ins.

Keep track of waiting clients

When clients arrive and their service provider isn't quite ready yet, you can simply check them into the 'Waiting Room' to easily keep track of who is waiting and for how long.

As soon as their service provider is ready, send a text message notifying the client with the click of a button. This allows clients to wait outside or wherever they feel comfortable.

Automate your check-in process

To streamline check-in further, you can enable an automated message that allows clients to check themselves into the waiting room.

With the automated check-in message enabled, the system sends an email and text message to the client 15 minutes before their appointment. This message contains a link that allows clients to check in from their phone.

The Waiting Room feature gives your staff members an organized view of all your waiting clients and clients in service.

Create a smooth waiting room experience

We first launched automated self check-in messages as part of our COVID features last year. Since then, we've seen how important it is for all salons and spas to continue creating an easy waiting experience.

"These past couple years, we've witnessed how flexible salons and spas have to be. We created the Waiting Room to ensure that our customers had check-in options that keep their clients comfortable and save time." -Sandra Huber, Mangomint Co-Founder and Lead Engineer.

The Virtual Waiting Room was built for flexibility. If your lobby gets full, let your clients wait outside or in their car. If your front desk staff is reduced or unavailable, allow clients to check-in from their phone. If your walk-ins enjoy shopping nearby while they wait for an opening, you can trigger a text notification when you're ready for them. It's up to you!

Ready to get started?

If you already have Mangomint and are interested in this feature, please visit our Learning Center for more information.

To learn more about Mangomint's Waiting Room feature and other Smart Automations, book a live demo or chat with us!

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