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New in Mangomint | August 2022

Get automatic alerts when an opening is available for clients on the waitlist, collect photos during booking, new reports, and more.
By Josephine Hulburd Schultz | August 1, 2022
New in Mangomint | August 2022

We've launched some exciting features to make managing appointments easier. Here are the latest improvements to Mangomint:

  • Intelligent Waitlist

  • Collect photos during booking

  • New reports

  • New filters for the client and sales list

  • and more

Intelligent Waitlist

We built a waitlist that reduces the manual work involved with filling openings in your schedule. When a client cancels or reschedules, our system automatically notifies you if there are clients on the waitlist that can fill the slot.

Here’s what you can do with this feature:

  • Add waitlist entries from the calendar

  • Enable a setting that allows clients to add themselves in online booking

  • Easily book an appointment from a waitlist entry

  • Get automatic alerts when new openings can be filled by a waitlist entry

Read more about Intelligent Waitlist.

Collect photos during booking

In case you missed it, there’s now a quick and easy way for clients to upload inspiration and reference photos at the time of booking. Our new feature lets you prompt clients to provide photos when they book an appointment through online booking or Express Booking™.

This feature makes it easy for clients to share multiple images prior to their appointment including:

  • Hairstyle and color inspiration

  • Nail and makeup ideas

  • Clients’ current hair or skin

  • Tattoo reference imagery

  • and more

Read more about collecting photos during booking.

New reports and filters

We’ve also added a couple of new reports and filters to provide more insights into your business:

  • Gift card balance report: View the outstanding balance of all your client’s gift cards in one place.

  • Days off report: Show days off for staff members during a given time period

  • Filter the client list by selecting a service, gender, or tag

  • Filter the sales list by amount

We hope you find all the new additions to our platform valuable. If you have any thoughts, questions, or feedback, we'd love to hear from you!

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