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The wait is over - Mangomint’s Intelligent Waitlist is here.

This isn’t your typical waitlist. Our smart automations match new openings on the calendar to available clients on your list and instantly notify you.
By Josephine Hulburd Schultz | July 14, 2022
The wait is over - Mangomint’s Intelligent Waitlist is here.

For years our customers have been asking us to build a waitlist feature. In fact, it’s been our #1 most requested feature. We hear you. After lots of research and listening to your input, we took our time to build the best waitlist feature in the industry (not to brag 😉).

Today, we’re excited to announce that Intelligent Waitlist is available for all customers on all plans effective immediately.

Unlike waitlists from other salon and spa software, ours adds a layer of “intelligence”. You no longer need to keep checking the waitlist when somebody cancels, reschedules, or a change occurs where a waitlist entry could fit in. You can trust that our system will automatically send you an alert.

Adding entries to the waitlist

Putting clients on your waitlist is incredibly easy. Create a waitlist entry by specifying what service and times a client was looking for, or alternatively use the “As soon as possible” option to get an alert when something opens up.

If you want, you can also let clients add themselves in online booking. This optional feature makes it possible to collect the client details through the same seamless online booking widget.

Get alerts for openings

Our system automatically detects any changes on the calendar and notifies you if any of the waitlist entries could potentially fit. This can happen when somebody cancels or reschedules or a staff member’s available hours change.

The notification can be sent to a central email address for the front desk, or optionally you can also have email alerts sent to the service providers directly.

Booking from the waitlist is easy

When a new opening becomes available, our system makes it easy to book using the clients pre-filled details.

Pro tip: in order to not have to call or text the client and confirm that they still want to book this appointment, you can take advantage of our Express Booking™ feature.

Let's see a practical example

Let’s say Jasmine tries to book a color service for Wednesday at 5pm or Thursday anytime with Stella, but Stella is completely booked. You can simply add Jasmine to the waitlist. Set her availability to Wednesday evening or anytime Thursday and add the service and request Stella.

Now, let’s say one of Stella’s Thursday clients cancels, our software will immediately email you to let you know that Jasmine is a fit. There will also be an alert at the top of the calendar so you can easily jump to booking that appointment.

At that point, you may want to call Jasmine to make sure that she would still like to book this appointment, or alternatively use Express Booking to send her a text where she can complete it directly from her phone.

How to get started

To see how to enable Intelligent Waitlist for your account, please visit our Learning Center or reach out to us in chat support.

If you don’t have Mangomint yet and would like to see how this feature could help your business, please start a free 30 day trial or book a call with one of our experts to see it live.

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