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Gift card promotions have come to Mangomint

Gift card discounts and promotions can now be purchased online directly from your website—no integrations necessary.
By Kayle Yanez | November 4, 2022
Gift card promotions have come to Mangomint

The holidays are just around the corner, and that means the season of gift card sales is back yet again for salons and spas.

This year, we've got an extra stocking stuffer for Mangomint customers. Our improved gift card feature now allows you to create gift card promotions in Mangomint and sell them online.

Create gift card promotions that can be purchased online and maximize gift card sales during the busiest shopping seasons of the year. You can now:

  • Sell a dollar value at a discounted price

  • Select the exact dates your promotion is available for purchase

  • Create a limited-time promotion (e.g. Black Friday, Valentine's Day Specials)

  • Save and reuse seasonal promotions

How it works

Visitors to your website can now purchase gift card promotions for themselves or someone else online.

Third-party integrations are no longer necessary to create your promotional gift card offers.

You call the shots — set up gift card promotions directly in Mangomint and select the dates you want them to go live and expire. Once it has expired, the offer concludes and is automatically hidden from your gift card page. You can even reactivate your favorite promotions and run them again any time you like.

Want to run your annual Black Friday promotion every year on November 25th? No problem. Have a Valentine's Day couple's massage promo that you've been waiting to launch? Break out the champagne! Create, promote, and run your gift card promotions when you want, and discount them as you see fit.

We have a lot more planned next year

We're not ready to unwrap the present just yet, but we are currently working on upcoming features that will allow our customers to sell packages and their clients to start memberships online! Stay tuned for exciting updates to those two features coming in the first half of 2023.

How to get started

You can create a gift card promotion by going to Settings > Gift Cards > Promotions. Visit our Learning Center for a step-by-step guide.

If you don’t have Mangomint yet and would like to see how this feature could help your business, please start a free 30-day trial or book a demo with one of our experts to see it live.

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