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Meet Service Customizations, our most powerful booking feature yet

Deliver personalized client experiences while maximizing revenue with new service customization options.

Meet Service Customizations, our most powerful booking feature yet
Abby Schmautz
By Abby Schmautz

Product Marketing Manager

We’re thrilled to introduce Service Customizations, a game-changing addition to Calendar & Scheduling and Online Booking. Service Customizations provides a powerful, streamlined way to offer completely customized services to your clients.

Service Customizations opens up unlimited possibilities for your business:

  • Sell optional add-ons for any service (e.g. premium massage oils, scalp detox scrubs, or nail art)

  • Allow clients to customize their appointments (e.g. request a silent haircut or post-cut styling)

  • Collect information about service preferences (e.g. massage focus areas)

Give clients the choice they crave

In the past, you may have avoided offering customizable services (or online booking entirely for certain services) due to a lack of control over specific aspects of the appointment or fear that it might over-complicate the booking process.

Mangomint now offers a comprehensive, flexible solution for this problem, even for complex services such as hair coloring.

With Service Customizations you can:

  • Create highly flexible customizations and add-ons for any of your services

  • Adjust pricing and/or service duration for specific customizations to create precise bookings

  • Add resource requirements to relevant customizations to ensure that necessary resources (e.g. rooms, equipment) are always available

  • View clients’ selected customizations and add-ons on the calendar, receipts, and via detailed reporting

  • Create internal-only customizations for your staff to document special requests or appointment requirements

Now you can create customizations and add-ons that play nicely with your unique services. The result? A win-win for your business and your clients.

Your clients will love the personalized touches and ability to see when certain choices result in extra charges or longer appointments. And, your business can grow even faster by increasing average sale prices.

Eliminate calendar chaos

There's no need for a complicated and messy service menu. Keep it simple and guide clients to choose the right options in one easy-to-use interface. Plus, your managers and staff can view everything at a glance on the calendar.

When certain options change the standard service duration, Mangomint automatically books the perfect amount of time for the customized service. Appointments flow smoothly and scheduling mishaps are a thing of the past.

Unlimited possibilities for customization

Below are a few more example scenarios that showcase ways you can use Service Customizations to enhance your offerings.

  • Increase or decrease the service duration based on selected options

    • Example: Add a nail art option (stamping, foil, stickers, etc) to any manicure. Increase the appointment duration by 15 minutes for 1-5 fingernails and by 30 minutes for 6+ fingernails.

  • Increase or decrease the service price based on selected options

    • Example: Offer a premium oil blend option to any massage for an additional $15 or a signature hair mask treatment for an extra $25.

  • Offer customization options that require a dedicated resource

    • Example: Add an LED light therapy session to facial appointments for an extra $50. Service Customizations works seamlessly with Resource Scheduling so you can have full confidence that your LED light therapy machine will be available during the scheduled time slot.

  • Break free from traditional industry norms and offer completely customized, gender-neutral services

    • Example: Ditch gender-based scheduling and use more relevant factors such as hair length and hair type to determine haircut pricing and appointment duration. Hot tip: Experiment with letting clients select whether they prefer a “Chatty” or “Silent” haircut to further enhance their experience.

It’s incredibly easy to tailor available options to fit your workflows and share customizations across multiple services. Dial in specific price and/or appointment duration adjustments to offer top-notch service to your clients while maximizing your revenue potential.

How to get started

Service Customizations is available now at no additional cost on all Mangomint accounts. To learn how to enable this feature and add customizations to your available services, please visit our Learning Center or reach out to us in chat support with any questions.

If you don’t have Mangomint yet and would like to see how this feature can help your business, please start a free 30 day trial or book a call with one of our experts to see it live.

Abby Schmautz
Abby Schmautz is a Product Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a degree in Media & Communication Technology and has held diverse roles in B2B tech spanning marketing, product, customer support, and operations. She loves the entrepreneurship and creative expression found in the beauty industry. Her favorite thing? Helping salons and spas thrive.

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