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How to create a successful med spa membership program

Create monthly recurring revenue, keep clients coming back, and market your med spa's services with a profitable membership program.

How to create a successful med spa membership program
Alison Mitchell
By Alison Mitchell

Sunnystorm Marketing Blogger

Imagine having a consistent $10,000 to $20,000 hitting your bank account each month, in addition to what your med spa currently brings in.

And here’s the best part: you don’t have to change any of your service offerings or sell anything new. 

Your most frequent clients might even have been asking recently if you offer this type of thing, because it’s such a win for fans of laser hair removal, botox or other fillers, microdermabrasion etc. 

Clients love medical spa membership offerings (and you will, too) because they save money, while you make more in monthly recurring revenue. 

Today’s blog is all about how to set up and automate your very own med spa membership program. 

Why med spa memberships are so popular 

Med spa memberships combine the best of both worlds for your med spa clients: savings on their favorite beauty treatments and perks for being part of the club. 

Most high-end med spas offer membership programs because they’re practical and profitable. 

Let’s say you have a handful of clients that book facials once or twice a month. While you love their loyalty, this can become pricey for them. 

Setting up a med spa membership allows them to continue getting their bi-weekly or monthly facials at a discounted rate. It also allows them to have a preset schedule for their facials or other treatments that are securely booked ahead of time. This has the added benefit of presetting solid schedules for your best estheticians. 

Finally, setting up a med spa membership is amazing for your earning potential because it ensures you get consistent monthly revenue. Regardless of whether or not clients take advantage of the treatments or services offered in their med spa membership, you still receive their monthly membership payments. 

Savings for your clients, filling your books consistently, and securing yourself repeated monthly revenue? It’s a win-win-win! 

How to set up a profitable med spa membership program and reduce your client cancellation/no-show rate 

Membership programs (like most other monthly subscription services) can either be really useful for members — or just become another monthly charge they keep forgetting to cancel. 

Of course, you want your med spa membership program to be useful and popular, so let’s take a look at what the most profitable med spa membership programs include: 

  • Membership plans with varying options for services: For instance, offering a choice between a microdermabrasion or laser hair removal service, bi-monthly injectables treatments, or skin resurfacing. According to Mangomint’s Marchelle McKeirnan (Head of Sales and former salon owner), it’s best to have at least 2 different types of membership offerings to choose from. However, if all your membership packages offer the same service, you can set up 3 differently priced offers with various service quantities to choose from. With Service Customizations, it is easy to create a medical spa membership program that perfectly fits your vision and your business.

  • Perks and freebies for med spa members: Whether it’s 10% off additional services and merchandise, VIP access to events, or being added to an exclusive “insider’s newsletter”  containing special offers, make sure that your med spa membership program offers plenty of goodies for members!  

  • Set a cancellation policy: It's vital to set and enforce a cancellation policy that's similar to your regular spa cancellation/no-show policy so that members practice taking advantage of your services and your spa continues to run smoothly. 

Once you’ve decided on your membership package offers, take a step back and look at what you’ve come up with. Ask yourself, “Is this simple for clients to choose from? Is it simple to sign up for? Is it simple to be a member?” 

If the answer to all three of these questions is “yes”, then you’re ready to start choosing prices for your packages. 

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How to price your med spa membership program 

As in all things in your business, it’s best to keep it simple when setting your rates for your med spa membership program. If you charge hourly for your services, keep that same hourly rate for any services within the membership. 

If you charge per unit for botox or other injections, that same unit price should be included in your monthly package price, plus your hourly rate.

But here’s where you can actually raise your regular (non-membership) rates: 

From the point at which you activate your membership program, all non-members should pay a price increase of an extra 5-20% of your hourly charge. 

This price increase for non-members may encourage more clients to join your membership program because they'll save money on their favorite skincare services or injections.

Make sure you also clearly communicate your med spa's tipping policy. Especially for clients who are trying to be conscious of spending — potential members may be more eager to sign up if they know exactly how much they should expect to pay at the end of an appointment.

Once you’ve set your med spa membership rates, it’s time to let your client base know about your new membership program. 

Learn how to centralize client communication

Learn how to centralize client communication

Mangomint makes it easy to instantly communicate with your clients.


How to advertise your new med spa membership program 

The most effective way to advertise your med spa membership program is to identify the clients in your CRM that book with you most often and put them on a segmented email list. You can let them know that they’re receiving an “exclusive first look (coming soon!)” at your new membership program because they’re VIP clients. 

Once you’ve created a healthy buzz for your new program with these clients, you can send out an email blast to your entire client list announcing the program. You can feature this program on your website, in-store on your service menu, and on all of your social media accounts. The more outreach you push, the more likely your membership program is to thrive.

You should also provide a script for your staff to use in their greeting or at the end of phone calls to your med spa for the first 1-6 months of your membership program launch. 

Finally, consistently talk up your membership program to all clients when they're in your spa, especially if they're receiving treatments that are included in the membership. 

If you follow these steps (most importantly, the email marketing), your clients will be aware and excited to join your membership program. 

How to automate and maintain your med spa membership program easily

If the thought of having to run a membership program from scratch is what's holding you back, here's your sign to give up that excuse. The right medical spa software features can make membership management a breeze.

Getting clients signed up, registering payments, and automating reminders and notifications is easy with the right salon software such as Mangomint

In just a few clicks, you can automate your med spa membership program.

Mangomint's intuitive membership feature for salons and spas allows you to create membership plans in minutes, giving you the option to easily add on additional discounts and perks.

You can access all the member info you need at a quick glance with Mangomint's sophisticated member management page. Keep track of payments, track member use, and create, cancel and renew memberships with ease. 

The Client Portal feature allows you to create beautiful, easy-to-use client pages that can be customized with your branding. Clients can access their membership details, update payment information, and manage upcoming appointments from their personal client portal.

With how easy it is to set up your brand new med spa membership program using Mangomint (and guaranteed monthly revenue once you do it), the only thing stopping you… is you! 

Sell your med spa memberships with Mangomint

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Start your free trial and to launch your medical spa memberships with Mangomint today!

Alison Mitchell
Alison Mitchell  is Head Copywriter at Sunnystorm Marketing.

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