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Beauty salon service menus: 34 ideas, add-ons, and prices

Explore popular beauty salon service menu insights and tips, perfect for opening a new business or giving your current offerings a facelift.

Beauty salon service menus: 34 ideas, add-ons, and prices
Emily Holzer
By Emily Holzer

Content Marketing Manager

Well-crafted service menus can help beauty salons attract new clients and increase appointment value. Every detail — pricing, service names, and descriptions — helps communicate who you are and the value you offer to clients.

Let's explore popular beauty salon service ideas, add-ons, pricing recommendations, and other tips to help you curate the perfect menu.

Core beauty salon services

There are a few signature services clients may expect to find in your beauty salon. By clearly defining these core beauty salon services, you open your books to a wider range of potential customers. This transparency helps clients make informed decisions and highlights the value of your offerings.

1) Professional makeup application ($150+)

While client expectations about a standard makeup service may vary, this appointment typically includes a consultation, skin preparation, and the application of makeup tailored to the client's preferences. Consider outlining these details in your service menu and prompting clients to choose additional options, like false lashes or airbrush makeup.

2) Brow shaping ($30+)

Brow shaping is a fundamental service that includes consultation, trimming, waxing or threading, and finishing touches. Your menu should outline each step of the service to help clients understand its value. Mention optional add-ons, such as brow tinting or lamination, for clients to consider.

3) Classic lash extensions ($100+)

Lash extensions are a popular service that can vary significantly in application techniques and results. A classic lash extension service typically involves applying individual synthetic lashes for a fuller look. Detailing the process helps clients decide if they'd like to enjoy upgraded volume, shapes, or materials (scroll down to #26 for more).

4) Full body waxing ($60+)

Waxing services range from small areas to full body treatments, which typically include arms, legs, underarms, and bikini areas. Detailing each covered area helps clients understand the comprehensive nature of this service and consider additional options like facial waxing.

5) Women's haircut and style ($45+)

A standard women's haircut service usually includes a consultation, shampoo, cut, and blow-dry styling. Listing these components helps clients see the full value and consider additional treatments like deep conditioning or color services.

6) Custom spray tanning ($60+)

Spray tanning offers a quick and safe way to achieve a sun-kissed glow. A custom spray tan includes a consultation to choose the right shade and the application of the tanning solution. Explaining the process helps clients understand what to expect and consider add-ons like contouring (more on this at #29).

7) Gel manicure ($40+)

A gel manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle care, and the application of gel polish that cures under UV light for long-lasting results. Detailing this service can help clients see the advantages over regular polish and consider additional nail art or designs.

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Premium beauty salon services

By incorporating luxurious treatments into your service menu, you can showcase your expertise, justify higher prices, and create a memorable customer experience.

8) Advanced skincare treatments ($150+)

Advanced skincare treatments, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and hydra facials, cater to clients seeking specialized care for their skin. Detailing the available treatments can help clients choose the most appropriate one. Consider offering add-ons like LED light therapy or microneedling for enhanced results.

9) Hair extensions ($250+)

Hair extension services are perfect for clients looking to add length, volume, or color to their hair. This service includes a consultation to select the type of extensions (tape-in, clip-in, micro-bead, or keratin bond), application, and styling. Outlining the process helps clients understand the commitment and care required, encouraging them to consider maintenance packages.

10) Keratin and Brazilian blowouts ($200+)

Keratin and Brazilian blowout treatments provide clients with smooth, frizz-free hair. The service includes a consultation, treatment application, and aftercare instructions. Detailing the steps involved can help clients appreciate the transformation and consider additional services like haircuts or color treatments.

11) Specialty hair coloring ($150+)

Specialty hair coloring services offer clients unique and high-fashion color options, including balayage, ombre, color melting, and vivid colors. By specifying the techniques available, clients can choose the best option for their style and hair goals. Consider offering a consultation session to discuss maintenance and aftercare.

12) Custom nail enhancements ($100+)

Custom nail enhancements cater to clients seeking intricate and luxurious designs, including custom nail art, crystal embellishments, and 3D designs. Clearly outlining the creative possibilities helps clients understand the value and consider additional nail care services like gel or acrylic overlays.

13) Personalized wellness programs ($250+)

Personalized wellness programs integrate beauty and health services for a holistic approach. This premium service usually includes holistic health consultations, personalized skincare routines, stress-relief treatments like Reiki or acupuncture, and nutritional advice. Clearly explaining the benefits and inclusiveness of these programs can attract clients seeking a comprehensive well-being experience.

14) Anti-aging treatments ($200+)

Anti-aging treatments offer advanced solutions for fine lines, wrinkles, and skin elasticity, including dermal fillers, non-surgical facelifts, radiofrequency skin tightening, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and collagen induction therapy. Detailing each option helps clients choose the most suitable treatment.

Trending beauty salon services

It is helpful to keep your service menu updated with your latest offerings, especially if you are keeping up with the trends. Let's explore some new services that are sure to make your menu stand out and demonstrate your salon's commitment to staying ahead of beauty industry trends.

15) AI skin analysis and treatment recommendations (Pricing varies)

AI-driven skincare analysis and treatment technologies offer personalized recommendations for individual skin concerns. The AI software analyzes skin parameters like hydration, texture, and pigmentation to suggest effective treatments or products for each client. As this technology emerges, it is worth exploring how it could help your business thrive.

16) AR makeup try-on sessions (Pricing varies)

Provide clients with an augmented reality (AR) makeup try-on session, allowing them to virtually test different makeup looks before their appointment. These tools can help clients make more informed decisions and ensure they are satisfied with their final look. While traditional makeup face charts might still be more reliable and accessible for most beauty salons, this could be an exciting addition to your service menu with the right technology.

17) Exosome Treatments ($200+)

Exosome skin therapy is becoming a popular non-invasive treatment for skin rejuvenation. This advanced service uses exosomes to enhance the efficacy of microneedling and laser treatments, promoting healing and youthful skin. Detailing the benefits can help clients understand the innovative nature of this treatment.

18) Eco-friendly hair and skin care treatments ($50+ per treatment)

Attract environmentally conscious clients by offering eco-friendly hair and skincare treatments using organic, plant-based products and sustainable packaging. Highlight services like organic hair coloring, green facials, and eco-friendly manicures.

19) Wellness consultations and holistic treatments ($60+ per session)

Integrate wellness into your salon services by offering consultations and holistic treatments. Provide sessions with wellness coaches to discuss skincare routines, stress management, and overall health. Complement with treatments like aromatherapy massages, guided meditation facials, and energy healing.

20) Customizable aromatherapy add-ons ($10+ per add-on)

Enhance your services with customizable aromatherapy add-ons. Let clients choose essential oils for their treatments, like massages, facials, or hair treatments.

Beauty Salon Add-Ons

Enhance your service menu with these add-ons to provide clients with more personalized and comprehensive beauty treatments.

If you use Mangomint, you can improve your online booking process by offering advanced add-ons through Service Customizations.

21) Brow tinting ($15+)

Offer clients a brow tinting service to their appointment. This add-on can be paired with brow shaping or done as a standalone service. Brow tinting enhances the natural color of the eyebrows, providing a fuller and more defined look.

22) Lash extensions removal ($20+)

It takes time and patience to remove old extensions without causing damage. You can offer lash extension removal as a standalone service or an add-on for new extensions.

23) Deep conditioning hair treatment ($25+)

Enhance your hair services by offering a deep conditioning treatment as an add-on. This treatment nourishes and revitalizes the hair, complementing haircuts or color services. Specify the benefits and ingredients to attract clients seeking a luxurious hair care experience.

24) Spray tan contouring ($30+)

Offer a spray tan contouring add-on to enhance your tanning services. This technique highlights the natural contours of the body, giving clients a more sculpted and defined look. Pair this add-on with a standard spray tan service for a comprehensive tanning experience.

Customizing service options

Customizing and clarifying service options in your beauty salon menu can provide tailored experiences while managing appointments and pricing effectively. Here are some examples:

25) Brow shaping styles ($0 - $15+)

Various brow shaping styles are included in the basic service price, such as natural, arched, and straight options. Collecting this information during online booking helps prepare for each appointment.

More intricate styles, such as feathered or ombré brows, require additional time and expertise. In these cases, you can add a fee for the specialized brow shaping and extend the service duration to ensure your schedule remains efficient.

26) Lash extensions by length, material, and volume ($100 - $300+)

Lash extensions come in various lengths, shapes, materials, and volumes, and clients may have specific preferences they would like to see reflected in your service menu. Standard sets are often offered at no extra cost. However, for extra-long lashes, pricier materials, or high-volume sets, you can charge an additional fee. For example, you may offer:

  • Silk, mink, or fox full sets

  • Volume full sets

  • Hybrid full sets

  • Fill-in services

27) Hair styling techniques ($0 - $100+)

Basic haircuts and styling techniques, such as blunt cuts or simple layers, can be included in the standard service price. To customize the experience, collect details about the desired style during the booking process.

However, advanced techniques like balayage, intricate braiding, or specialty cuts require extra time and higher pricing. With Service Customizations, your booking system will automatically adjust the price and allocate the necessary time and skill for these services, ensuring high-quality results and maintaining an organized schedule.

28) Makeup application preferences ($0 - $75+)

Offering clients customized makeup enhances their experience. Standard looks like natural or daytime makeup are included in the base price.

For elaborate looks like evening glam or special effects makeup, an extra charge may be added for the additional time and products. Collecting this info during booking helps prepare and provides transparency for clients.

29) Tanning upgrades ($0 - $20+)

Tanning services can be tailored to client preferences. Standard spray tans or single-coat applications are part of the basic service. However, you can increase the service value for upgrades like double coats, rapid tans, or contouring tans. This customization ensures the appropriate time and resources are allocated for the desired results.

Beauty salon memberships and packages

By offering memberships and packages, you can provide consistent value to clients and generate steady, recurring income for your salon. These options build client loyalty and encourage repeat visits.

30) Basic beauty membership ($100+ per month)

Many salons offer membership models for regular services with added incentives. A basic membership can include:

  • One brow shaping or tinting per month

  • One lash lift or tint per month

  • Free touch-ups (as needed)

  • 5% discount on retail products

  • 5% discount on additional services

31) Premium beauty membership ($200+ per month)

Upgrade your offerings with a premium membership for a wider range of services. This tier can include:

  • Two brow shapings or tintings per month

  • One makeup session per month

  • Two lash lifts or tints per month

  • Free touch-ups (as needed)

  • 10% discount on retail products

  • 10% discount on additional services

32) Ultimate beauty membership ($300+ per month)

For clients seeking a comprehensive beauty experience, the ultimate membership offers extensive benefits, including:

  • Unlimited brow and lash services

  • One makeup session per month

  • One haircut or styling session per month

  • One manicure and pedicure per month

  • Free touch-ups (as needed)

  • 15% discount on retail products

  • 15% discount on additional services

33) Event preparation package ($350+ per package)

Cater to clients preparing for special events with tailored packages. For example:

  • One trial makeup session

  • One event day makeup application

  • One hair styling session

  • One brow shaping or tinting

  • Free touch-ups on the event day

34) Seasonal glow package ($200+ per package)

Offer seasonal packages to keep clients looking their best year-round. A glow package can include:

  • One spray tan

  • One hydrating facial

  • One pedicure with scrub

  • One conditioning hair treatment

  • 10% discount on summer-themed retail products

Including limitations in every membership level is essential, especially for unlimited packages. Define what "unlimited" means by clarifying the maximum number of appointments per week to ensure healthy practices, specify the types of services included, and specify any restrictions on premium options, nail art limitations, and tipping expectations. Clear boundaries protect your business while providing value to your clients.

Sell memberships and packages

Sell memberships and packages

Learn how Mangomint can help seamlessly sell your memberships and packages with intuitive software features.

Explore membership features

Setting beauty salon prices

Setting beauty salon prices involves careful consideration of multiple factors to ensure they are fair, competitive, and profitable. Here's a guide to help you set your prices effectively:

Calculate your costs

Calculate all your expenses to set a profit margin price for your services, including:

  • Fixed costs: Salon rent or mortgage, equipment, insurance, and supplies.

  • Variable costs: Employee wages, commissions, and utility bills.

Knowing your total costs helps establish a baseline to cover expenses and make a profit.

Research the competition

Understand your local market by researching prices at nearby beauty salons:

  • Visit their websites.

  • Call for pricing.

  • Experience their services.

This comparison will give you a competitive pricing baseline and help you understand what clients are willing to pay in your area.

Consider your geography

Your location significantly influences pricing. Urban areas typically support higher prices than rural areas. Salons in high-end neighborhoods can charge premium prices. Consider the income levels and spending habits of your target demographic to tailor your prices.

Factor in your reputation

Your reputation is crucial for pricing. Extensive experience and a strong reputation allow for higher prices. Take into account:

  • Your qualifications and certifications.

  • Years of experience.

  • Client reviews and testimonials.

You can also charge higher prices by offering premium services or using high-end products. You can justify the higher prices by adding service details to your online booking process.

Service configurations

Service configurations significantly affect beauty salon pricing. A basic eyebrow shaping is more affordable than a full brow and lash treatment, and a simple haircut costs less than complex hair coloring. Pricing each small service can feel overwhelming, leading some salon owners to offer complimentary add-ons like quick trims or basic treatments.

Extra services can reduce profitability. Even minor ones can affect your time and resources, impacting overall revenue and staff earnings. To manage this effectively, consider having clients book through an online menu detailing every service and cost. This ensures transparency, manages client expectations, and ensures every service is accounted for and fairly priced, no matter how small.

Test and adjust

After setting your initial prices, testing them with a soft launch to monitor client feedback and assess profit margins is wise. You can adjust prices to find the optimal balance between demand and profitability based on the insights gained.

Why beauty salons need a descriptive service menu

Your service menu is part of the client’s first impression of your business. It can inform their service decisions and your business's bottom line. So, let’s explore some ways you can leverage this tool to your advantage.

Extra revenue and upselling

Clients can't pay for services they don't know exist. A descriptive menu can boost appointment values by highlighting premium services and enticing add-ons. Detailing luxurious elements and options justifies premium pricing and encourages clients to upgrade. A clear menu aids staff in upselling and recommending complementary services, boosting revenue.

Beauty service transparency

Clients want to know what to expect from their appointments. A descriptive menu provides transparency by outlining services, techniques, products used, and expected results to build trust and reduce miscommunication or disappointment.

Customer satisfaction

Setting clear expectations leads to higher satisfaction. A detailed menu ensures clients book the right services, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied clients are more likely to return and refer others, helping your business grow.

Attracting new customers

Your online service menu is crucial for attracting new clients. Search engines like Google use it to understand your offerings and connect you with potential customers. The more detailed and descriptive your menu, the higher your salon will rank in search results, driving organic traffic to your site.

Establishing your unique selling proposition (USP)

A descriptive menu highlights what sets your salon apart from the competition, whether it be your experienced staff, premium products, trendy offerings, or luxurious atmosphere. Communicating your unique selling proposition (USP) attracts clients looking for a distinctive experience and justifies higher pricing.

The best way to manage your service menu is with a beauty salon software system that can handle bookings, provide detailed service descriptions, and maintain an organized system.

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Emily Holzer
Emily Holzer is a Content Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a master’s degree in English and a passion for helping salons, spas, and other local beauty businesses thrive. When she is not writing, you can find her playing chess or tending to her houseplants. Fun fact: Emily has donated 8 ponytails (so far) across 5 hair loss charities in the U.S.

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