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Nail salon menu: 32 service ideas, add-ons, and prices

Whether you're opening a new nail salon or planning a refresh, these popular service menu ideas and tips can help set your booking flow.

Nail salon menu: 32 service ideas, add-ons, and prices
Emily Holzer
By Emily Holzer

Content Marketing Manager

Your nail service menu is one of the most essential resources in your salon. It communicates your prices, shares compelling service details, and sets customer expectations. Let's explore some of the most popular services and prices for nail salon menus.

Manicure nail salon menu items

1. Regular polish manicure ($35+)

Clients may come to your salon with different expectations about what a "regular" or "standard" manicure entails. This service often includes basic nail shaping, cuticle trimming, and regular polish. However, this menu item is where you can communicate every treatment included in your salon's signature manicures. Then, clients can make informed decisions about which add-ons to select (you can jump to #16 to start exploring add-on ideas).

2. Nail polish change ($25+)

Rather than a full manicure, some clients may simply be looking for a different color. Adding a polish change service to your menu can earn these prompt revenue opportunities while detailing a quicker service that will open up your artist and chair for another appointment.

3. Gel manicure ($45+)

Nail salons can charge more for long-lasting gel polish manicures, as they require extra materials and a longer processing time. You can help justify these higher prices by including service details in your online booking flow

4. Gel polish removal ($10+)

While some salons will remove gel polish for free, this service requires extra time and resources from your salon. As such, salons are increasingly adding this menu item to their service lists for a small fee. 

5. Dip nail manicure ($55+)

Dip powder manicures require pricier materials that tend to last longer for customers. As such, it is easy to justify a higher price point. 

Nail extension salon services

6. Acrylic nails ($60 - $120+)

A staple in most nail salons, acrylic nails are a high-ticket service option you will want to ensure you highlight well on your service menu. Let clients know what to expect from your acrylic services. As we explain below (#27), it is vital you collect booking details to balance your pricing and scheduling. This process helps accommodate complex shapes, lengths, and other options while ensuring clients get exactly what they want.

7. Gel nail extensions ($80+)

Many salons are moving towards gel nail extensions, which are lighter and more flexible than acrylic nails — offering a more authentic look and feel. However, they require more time and materials, which means a higher starting price point.

8. Extension removal ($10 - $15+)

Without careful service, nail extension removal can be painful and damaging. You can charge clients for the professional removal of their previous set of acrylic nails or gel extensions. 

9. Nail repair service ($10 - $15+)

Rather than paying for a full set, clients will appreciate the option to repair or replace a single broken nail. This fix is a quick appointment that often carries a low starting point.

10. Infill service ($30+)

As the client's nails grow out, infill services can help keep up with the manicure. According to data from Statista, the average price of this service in the US is around $30. 

11. Nail rebalancing service ($45+)

Sometimes, clients need more than a simple infill. Rebalancing is a more encompassing service that requires you to adjust the entire nail structure after filling in the gaps. 

Pedicure nail salon menu items

12. Pedicure polish change ($25+)

Similar to a manicure polish change, this service involves a simple pedicure with minimal service around a color swap. You may also offer a "no polish" option that provides a clear coat for clean-looking nails.

13. Standard pedicure ($35+)

This menu item can define your "standard" pedicure experience, which often includes a foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle cutting, and a polish change.

14. Gel pedicure ($50+)

While the polish can be trickier to cure on the toes, some salons offer gel polish pedicures for a long-lasting look at a higher service price point. 

15. Reflexology ($30+)

Relieve client tension and promote healing by offering reflexology pedicure add-ons. This high-value service has become more popular in recent years, and adding it to your wheelhouse can unlock a new wave of revenue potential.

Nail art service menu options

16. French tips ($5 - $10+)

This popular style elevates the nails with a classic, attractive, and natural-looking aesthetic of manicures and pedicures. 

17. Nail polish upgrades ($5 - $10+)

If your salon has any specialty polishes that change the price of your service, you should include this as an add-on option. Common upgrades may include high-end holographic, glittery, or chrome polishes. 

19. Rhinestone and crystal nail art ($10 - $100+)

This nail art offers a classic way to bling out any manicure. The careful placement and strong adhesive these designs need can justify a higher price point. However, the price can vary dramatically depending on your service and materials. For example, a complex design with Swarovski crystals will cost much more than a simple design using standard rhinestones.

20. Nail charms and jewelry ($10 - $100+)

Nail charms and jewelry have been growing in popularity, making them key to any nail salon service menu.

18. Nail jewelry removal ($5 - $10+)

Some nail jewelry will need to be carefully removed without damaging the nails. The removal process can take time and experience, so be sure to add this option to your booking flow for a small fee. 

21. Custom nail art add-on ($10+ per nail)

Nail art is a huge market that requires a high level of skill and experience. Pricing here will depend on your skillset, materials used, demand in your area, and local market value. 

Additional nail salon services

22. Paraffin wax treatment ($15+)

Paraffin wax treatments can help deliver a soft, skin-preserving treatment that complements any nail salon service.

23. Aromatherapy ($15+)

If your salon's layout allows it, you can offer clients a private room with a selection of aromatherapy scents. This luxury upgrade can help increase the ticket value of any appointment.

24. Luxury hand and foot scrubs ($0 - $15+)

You want clients to leave your salon feeling their best. A scrub service can help you deliver this experience and keep clients coming back for more. This offering removes dead cells, moisturizes skin, and leaves the client's hands and feet feeling soft.

Your pricing here will depend on your service configuration. Some salons include this add-on for free to promote scrub sales and inventory revenue. Others may offer this service for a small upgrade. 

25. Other salon service areas (Custom pricing)

Depending on your certifications, providers, and experience, your nail salon may be a mixing pot of service expertise. It is essential that you highlight all of your potential offerings on your service menu. Popular examples include:

  • Eyebrow shaping and waxing services

  • Lash perms, tinting, and extensions

  • Hair and makeup services

  • Tanning services

  • Permanent jewelry

  • Henna tattoos

26. Your inventory and products (Custom pricing)

In addition to your service menu, you will need to display details and pricing for any product inventory you might sell in-store. You can do this in a menu format or post this information under each product on your shelves. 

Customizing and clarifying service options

Some salon service menu options provide an easy way for clients to customize their nail service. Adding these to your service menu can tailor the price and booking duration to your appointment needs while collecting valuable insights.

27. Nail shape ($0 - $10+)

Some nail shapes, like round, square, and oval, are generally included in the price of the manicure. However, collecting this information during the online booking process can help you prepare for every appointment. 

Meanwhile, more complex shapes, like stiletto, ballerina, and almond, require extra time and skill. In these cases, you can add a fee for the nail shape and extend the service window to keep your schedule on track. 

28. Nail length ($0 - $5+)

Consider adding a menu option to let clients specify their preferred nail length. Much like intricate nail shapes, longer nails can be more complicated and time-consuming to execute. You can add a fee for longer nails to accommodate these service differences.

29. Pronoun selection (Optional)

To help promote an inclusive environment within your salon, you can ask clients to clarify their pronouns during the online booking process.

Nail salon memberships

30. Basic manicure membership ($70+ per month)

While this is a newer trend, many nail salons are beginning to offer membership options. This includes regular service for a small incentive. An example of a lower membership level may include:

  • Two manicures a month

  • Free touch-ups (as needed)

  • 5% product discounts

  • 5% discount on additional services

31. Manicure and pedicure membership ($150+ per month)

Unlock a higher level of recurring income for your business with a mani + pedi membership tier. An example of a mid-range membership level may include:

  • Two manicures a month

  • Two pedicures a month

  • Two included add-ons per month

  • Free touch-ups (as needed)

  • 10% product discounts

  • 10% discount on additional services

32. Unlimited gel manicure membership ($200+ per month)

A higher-level manicure membership may offer unlimited* manicure services. An example membership may include:

  • Unlimited gel manicures

  • Free gel polish removal

  • Four included add-ons per month

  • Select styles of nail art

  • Free touch-ups

  • 15% product discount

  • 15% discount on additional services

*It is important to include limitations in every membership level, especially unlimited. Thankfully, most customers do not have the time or interest to spend all day, every day, in your salon chair. However, it is still important to communicate what qualifies as "unlimited." 

Consider clarifying that appointments exceeding a certain number each week could damage the client's nails. As such, these packages often include an unlimited number of healthy manicures a client could receive in any given month. 

Additionally, you may specify the polish types included, nail art limitations, tipping expectations, and any other boundaries you may need to establish to protect your business.

How to set your nail salon service prices

While we included example pricing above, it is essential that you tailor your prices to your business's geography, reputation, and service configurations.

Review competitors in your area

Geography can heavily influence your ideal nail salon pricing, which is why service costs vary starkly across the industry. For example, expensive cities carry a higher price of living for providers and extra ongoing overhead fees. Naturally, such salons must charge more to offset these higher internal expenses.

Similarly, it is essential to routinely evaluate the prices of salons in your area. You will not want to devalue your services and leave money on the table. Conversely, much higher pricing (without a higher level of service to match) can deter potential customers.

Quality and reputation

Reasonable clients are willing to pay more for high-quality services. After all, what is a manicure worth to a client when it fails to meet their expectations? As you grow a loyal customer base and establish your high-quality reputation in the community, it will be easier for you to raise your salon prices.

Appointment configurations

Nail service prices can vary starkly depending on the service configuration. For example, a simple polish change is often a more affordable appointment. Meanwhile, an intricate stiletto acrylic set with complex nail art on every finger will be time-consuming and costly. 

It might feel complicated or overwhelming to price every small service customers may need in your salon, which is why some salon owners give away services like gel polish removal and nail shaping for free.

However, this extra work ultimately comes out of your pocket. Regardless of your compensation structure, appointment overflow accommodates fewer services for less commission or tip money — so this also negatively impacts your nail artists. 

Instead of sweeping over these smaller services, have clients book through an online menu that manages the small details for you. 

The importance of descriptive service menus

Once you decide on your services and pricing, you will need to compile it all into a descriptive service menu. Carefully tailoring your booking flow can offer vital benefits for your salon, including:

  • Extra revenue and upselling opportunities: Clients can't pay for services they don't know you have. Descriptive and inclusive booking flows can help boost appointment value.

  • Transparency: Clients want to know what to expect from their appointment. A descriptive menu can help provide this necessary transparency on service details and pricing.

  • Customer satisfaction: Transparency and high-level services from add-ons can result in customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

  • Attracting new customers: Especially in your online service menu, the more details you provide, the easier it will be for new clients to find you through organic (AKA unpaid) marketing. Search engines like Google will use your service menu to connect you with new customers. You can learn more about nail salon marketing here.

The most straightforward way to manage your service menu is with an intelligent nail salon software system

Try Mangomint's nail salon software

The Mangomint platform seamlessly translates complex service menu configurations into a simple online scheduling process. Alongside our client management, staff management, email marketing, payroll services, and other advanced features, our software can support every corner of your business. 

If you haven't tried the Mangomint software yet, consider booking a free trial or live demo to get started!

Emily Holzer
Emily Holzer is a Content Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a master’s degree in English and a passion for helping salons, spas, and other local beauty businesses thrive. When she is not writing, you can find her playing chess or tending to her houseplants. Fun fact: Emily has donated 8 ponytails (so far) across 5 hair loss charities in the U.S.

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