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Mangomint Women Leaders Series: Lindsay Pierce from Wax

As a celebration of Women's History Month, Mangomint has decided to feature some of the strongest women leaders on our blog. These women are passionate, dedicated, and excellent at what they do!
By Cassie Chernin | March 25, 2021
Mangomint Women Leaders Series: Lindsay Pierce from Wax

There’s no arguing it. Lindsay Pierce is cool. I’m not saying I want to be her, but...I did just recently dye my hair blonde (yes, I did it at home and we can discuss this another time). A little different than my interpretation of being cool (come on, the tooth gems?), the best leadership advice she has ever got was on brand, “Be cool. It pertains to anything in life. Keep your cool, stay calm, stay strong. Don’t make decisions out of haste or anger. Take the time to reflect instead of reacting.” 

Being cool (literally and figuratively) has driven Lindsay to great success. She currently owns WAX, a body waxing, and niche beauty treatment salon in West Hollywood on one of the busiest avenues in the country. 

She took over ownership of WAX, which was originally founded in 2006, to modernize the vibe. She was tasked with “bringing WAX current with our times while preserving the foundation it was built on,” and you can clearly see her impact with the diversity and inclusivity seen on the website and social accounts.  Since then, it’s been a grind. “Say goodbye to days off and completely unplugging. A company is like a child, you may be “off” but your brain is never really shut off. Finding balance is  the true skill.” (and she has found some having recently binged Ginny & Georgia on Netflix, which I totally agree, has a “perfect amount of drama and juiciness.”) 

Lindsay isn’t stopping her empire with WAX. As she talks about how she got into the beauty industry she shares, “I've always had an affinity for beauty and fashion. After getting certified and teaching yoga for a few years, I wanted to continue my career of connectivity across a different plain. Beauty just fit.” So it absolutely makes sense that her next step is going to be a new line of CBD, Mōrēs (coming soon!). 

CBD is a powerful ingredient and that’s one of the reasons she’s decided to move into that arena. “The beauty industry continues to grow each year. With more advances in science and seeing how many natural elements cohesively blend with treatments we have been offering for years, the next power ingredient I see is CBD. The anti-inflammatory properties alone make it a must-have in your beauty product arsenal.” 

While we’ve worked with Lindsay for quite some time (WAX has been a customer of Mangomint since 2019, and Lindsay worked at GBY Beauty WeHo with us since 2017) others are taking notice as well. They were recently featured in Refinery29 with their MacroBeauty series. “These are segments on different beauty treatments shot with an up-close view and described in detail by experts.”

That’s not to say that Lindsay is a lone wolf kick-ass boss (I refuse to use the term girl boss if you haven’t noticed). Her team inspires her every day. “While beauty is our common thread, the women who make up and fuel Wax come from all different walks of life. A single mother, a daughter, a cancer survivor, entrepreneur, energy worker, the list goes on. Each woman brings something different to the table which sparks inspiration everywhere. We’ve curated a truly transformative space.” How beautiful is that, there really isn’t anything better that I know of than women supporting women.  

Lindsay is absolutely someone to watch as she takes on the beauty industry further. We’re just excited to be along for the ride! 

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