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Mangomint Women Leader Series: Meet Jessi Brock of Good Medicine Acupuncture & Massage

As a celebration of Women's History Month, we have decided to feature some of the strongest women leaders we work with on our blog. These women are passionate, dedicated, & excellent at what they do.
By Cassie Chernin | March 2, 2021
Mangomint Women Leader Series: Meet Jessi Brock of Good Medicine Acupuncture & Massage

There is a popular saying, one that I’ve heard a lot on Grey’s Anatomy (yes, I still watch regularly!) that I’m reminded of as I listen to Jessi Brock, from Good Medicine Acupuncture & Massage. “This is the way the world changes...with good people raising their babies right!” And while her clinic isn’t a child, the way she talks about it, you can tell she cares so strongly about her businesses and doing good. 

The name of her business says it all, Good Medicine Acupuncture & Massage, she says, “I wanted something friendly and approachable, that captured our mission and services. Good Medicine was a perfect fit - because that’s exactly what we practice.” 

It’s been a long time coming that Jessi would become the leader she is today. As a private practice massage therapist from 2009-2016, she learned a lot of the skills that would lead her today, “as of June 2020, I now have two locations in 2 different cities and have 20 employees.” and she hasn’t done it alone. Mentorship has been a key way that she’s grown.

I believe you are as strong as your mindset and who you surround yourself with. I have intentionally built myself a strong support system of mentors that have more experience than I do!
Jessi Brock

Jessi sees herself as a healer by nature, “following a path into natural medicine was an instinctual progress for me,” but she also has a knack for business, “business practices have always made sense to me as well, and after learning and developing my craft, segueing into business ownership was a natural fit.”

And if you are interested, she is starting to mentor other female business owners who are interested in growing from private practice to larger business models. We love it! Women supporting women is how we can make our mark on this primarily patriarchal society. 

Interested in becoming a woman leader in this space? Jessi has some great advice. “Hire slow and fire fast, don’t follow the rules, you don’t have to do things by the book,” she explains, “Your business is personal - run things how they best work for YOU! Don’t ever be afraid to go against the status quo. Even if you fail, you learn.” 

I think we can all agree that not following the rules sounds like an excellent plan. Everyone is different, and we all come from different mindsets, attitudes and ideals. Putting yourself in a box is not what Jessi Bock wants us to do, and I’m all in! 

You can see that from Jessi’s income specific acupuncture pricing seen here where it details, “Your cost is reflective of your yearly income. No proof of income required. We trust you.”

“I see nothing but good things and challenges to conquer on the horizon,” she explains as I ask about the future for her and Good Medicine. 

And for the future of the industry? Jessi is excited. “We are really seeing a focus on people embracing self-love and self-care practices. I think our industry is about to witness some very exciting, innovative, and legitimizing leaders in the next few years!”

We can clearly see Jessi Brock as one of those leaders. Please check her out if you are ever in Montana! I know I will.


Good Medicine Acupuncture & Massage has two locations in Montana. Please find more information here.

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