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How to write a salon mission statement with examples

Guide your salon's success with a mission statement that encapsulates your unique values and goals. Get tips, templates, and examples of powerful mission statements.

How to write a salon mission statement with examples
Josephine Hulburd Schultz
By Josephine Hulburd Schultz

Demand Gen Manager

What is a salon mission statement?

A mission statement is a summary of the purpose of your salon that incorporates your values, philosophies, and what makes you different.

Your mission statement helps guide your business strategy and the actions you'll take to achieve your goals. It doesn't just explain what you do, but also why you do it and who you do it for, providing inspiration and focus for your efforts.

Why salon mission statements are important

A proper mission statement provides your salon with real benefits. Let's unpack the 7 reasons your salon needs a mission statement.

1. Offers motivation for your salon

Your mission statement represents the driving force behind your salon and why you started it. It can power you and your staff through tough times and serve as a reminder of why your work matters.

2. Brings alignment and accountability

Communicating your mission to your team is vital for creating alignment. You can be more successful when your entire team is focused on the same goal. Having a mission statement that your entire team agrees with and understands can help keep everyone accountable.

3. Provides strategy and focus

When things go off track, your mission statement helps you refocus on your goals and what serves your mission. Times of stress are often hard to navigate. Your salon mission statement can help provide a guiding light.

4. Works as a measurement of success

The success of your salon can be measured against your ability to fulfill the purpose stated in your mission. For example, as your salon grows, the rollercoaster of ups and downs might make you question your success. In these cases, return to your salon mission statement. Are you still fulfilling these goals and values? In most cases, you will find that your salon is going above and beyond — providing reassurance of your success and a reminder of how far you have come. If you find yourself falling short, your mission statement can provide a roadmap of how your salon can find success once again.

5. Provides structure for decision-making

You can use your mission statement as a frame of reference for determining what is best for your salon. Whether deciding on decor, how much a haircut costs, or what products to use, your choices should have continuity with your mission.

6. Attracts new salon clients

People want to support businesses that share their values. Clients whose values align with your mission are more likely to become loyal customers. Without a salon mission statement, you could miss valuable opportunities to connect with potential clientele.

7. Helps recruit and maintain talent

Creating a team that believes in your mission is an essential part of building a successful salon and furthering your combined goals. Salon staff members are likely to research your business before applying. A thoughtful mission statement will help ensure the best talent in your area chooses your salon over competitors.

Salon mission statement examples

Looking for a little inspiration while writing your salon mission statement? Take a look at these inspiring mission statement examples from real salons:

Leo Nail Salon Leo is more than just a space to get your manicure, pedicure, or massage. It is a space designed to create an environment that helps you find balance, prioritize and understand the importance of self-care. We want you to come into our space knowing that you’re going to leave us feeling a little lighter, more recharged, and on the path of finding who you were meant to be.

Wordsmith Beauty The Wordsmith exists to offer our community an exceptional beauty experience that extends beyond the exterior. We believe that beauty may begin in the eye of the beholder, but it takes flight in the words of the beholder. We are committed to speaking truth in love, celebrating the beauty we see around us, taking care of the people in front of us, and seeing them leave emboldened to do the same. Our goal is to support and build confidence in our community in the search for True beauty, untainted by vanity, insecurity, and judgment.

Thomas Taft Hair Salon In an age of artificially dictated beauty standards, Thomas Taft Salon bridges the gap of a person’s inner composition and emerging trends. The Thomas Taft experience is more than adapting to a medium of cosmetics and superficial beauty standards but creating a personal landscape.

Our mission statement extends beyond the landscape of hair, fashion and cutting edge personalized service. We aim to forge a new direction by tapping into the intersection between commerce, media and art. We hope to inspire, educate, partner, and cultivate relationships with local patrons and businesses alike.

Studio Taka Our mission is simple – create a relaxed, calming environment combined with superior services providing clients with a getaway escape from the hectic world outside.

Queen's Shop - Fine Hairdressing Inc. To provide inclusive beauty care whilst positively impacting the environment and the community.

How to write a salon mission statement

Your salon's mission statement should be memorable and actionable so that is useful and rings true for all aspects of your business. Pull out your notebook and answer these questions as specifically as possible:

  • What are my salon's strengths?

  • What set us apart from our competitors?

  • Why did I start this salon?

  • What are my salon's values?

  • Who’s my ideal client? What kind of lifestyle do they lead?

  • Why do my clients choose my salon?

  • How do my clients feel when they leave my salon?

  • What's the mood of my space? Is it bright, energetic, and busy? Or cool, calm, and relaxing? Is it youthful and casual or traditional and professional?

  • Is quality or affordability more important to my salon?

  • What words best describe my salon?

  • What energy and personality does my team bring to my business?

Be realistic, but don't limit yourself. For example, "Providing beautiful eyebrow waxing in Downtown Dallas" limits the possibility of expansion by putting you in a box for only a particular service and location. Though your mission statement can change, think long-term so you can orient your decisions around your goals.

Include what makes your salon unique to show clients why they should choose you over your competition. Being specific allows you to focus your strategy and differentiate yourself.

Write a statement that is authentic to your salon. Your salon's mission statement should be an honest reflection of your business and what you provide. Promising "the highest quality service at the cheapest price" sounds nice but may not be true or practical.

Salon mission statement templates

After answering the questions above, summarize them together. Mission statements vary in length, but keeping it under a few sentences is best. Clear and concise statements are more memorable and useful.

There is no set formula on how to write a salon mission statement, but you can use these templates to get started:

  • [What service or experience you provide] by [how you provide it] for [who your clients are] to [what unique value you create].

  • [Salon name] started after [motivation or background for why you founded your salon]. We adapted by [a look at how your salon solves a certain problem or incorporates new solutions].

  • [Salon name] strives to [your salon's contribution] so that [your salon's impact].

Getting started is often the hardest part. Even if the above templates do not fully capture your salon's mission, they can help you get words down on the page. Give it a try! Once you have a few lines started, you might find it easier to see the bigger picture and formulate a salon mission statement that accurately represents your business while resonating with your clients.

Communicating your salon's mission statement

Everyone who interacts with your salon should be aware of your mission. Whether it appears on your website, social media profiles, job postings, or marketing messages, be sure to also communicate the sentiment of your mission through your brand, decor, services, client interactions, and all aspects of your business.

Remember that words are just words if you don't put them into practice. Use your salon's mission statement as a source of truth and a tool to help you reach your goals.

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Josephine Hulburd Schultz
Josephine Hulburd Schultz is a Demand Gen Manager at Mangomint. With a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, she focuses on transparent and impactful marketing that empowers salon and spa owners to grow their businesses and succeed. Fun fact: Josephine is obsessed with testing out new curly hair products and trying out unique nail art.

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