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32 Barbershop menu ideas, services, and pricing examples

Find the barbershop menu inspiration you need with popular services, insights, and tips to help set your booking flow up for success.

32 Barbershop menu ideas, services, and pricing examples
Emily Holzer
By Emily Holzer

Content Marketing Manager

Whether you're launching or revamping your barbershop, creating a compelling service menu is crucial for attracting and retaining clients. The menu showcases prices, highlights unique offerings, and sets customer expectations. Let's explore popular barber shop services, add-ons, and membership examples to inspire your menu design.

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Standard barbershop menu services

Every barbershop has a reliable set of popular offerings that many clients will expect to find on your service menu.

1) Classic haircut ($28+)

The term "classic" haircut can mean different things to different clients. This service typically includes a consultation, hair cutting, neck shave, and styling. But this menu item is your chance to outline exactly what's included in your barbershop's signature classic cut. Be specific about the techniques used, the products applied, and the expected result. This transparency helps clients make informed decisions about which premium services to add.

2) Beard trim ($15+)

This service is perfect for clients wanting to maintain or reshape their beards. Perfect as standalone service appointments or add-ons, beard trims can earn steady revenue for your business.

3) Straight razor shave ($30+)

Offer a luxurious shaving experience using a straight razor. This service includes hot towels, shaving cream application, shaving, and aftershave balm. This menu item communicates the luxurious touchpoints in your barbershop's signature shave.

4) Haircut & beard trim ($40+)

This service includes a classic haircut with a beard trim, neck shave, styling, and a detailed beard trim. Bundling these services incentivizes clients to book a more comprehensive appointment.

5) Fade haircut ($30+)

Deliver a fade haircut service, where the hair is cut close to the head with a gradual decrease in length. You can specify the type of fade (high, low, skin, etc.) and whether it includes a neck shave and styling.

6) Buzz cut ($25+)

Treat customers to a buzz-cut service, which involves cutting the hair to a uniform length all over the head. Please specify the length options and whether they include a neck shave and styling.

7) Edge up ($15+)

Perform an edge-up service to clean the hairline and neck perfectly. This maintenance service helps clients maintain a defined shape between haircuts and can generate extra revenue.

8) Straight razor neck shave ($20+)

Provide a straight razor neck shave service, where you shave the neck area with a straight razor. You can add it to haircuts or offer it as a standalone service. It leaves the skin smooth and is a unique offering.

9) Boy's haircut ($20+)

Cater to your younger clientele with a boy's haircut service, which may be a simpler version of your men's haircut. Explain the age range it's for and whether the price varies by age. Consider offering a discounted rate for boys' haircuts compared to men's.

Premium barbershop services, bundles, and packages

Increase your appointment value and help clients look their best by bundling complementary services together for premium appointments.

10) Premium haircut ($50+)

Indulge your clients with an upgraded version of your classic haircut, which may include additional services such as a scalp massage, hot towels, or premium hair treatments. Clearly explain what distinguishes it as "premium" from the classic cut, providing customers with a superior choice that increases the average ticket prices.

11) Luxury haircut experience ($75+)

Delight clients with an ultra-premium haircut service that includes a private room, champagne, personalized consultation with a master barber, scalp massage, hot towels, a bespoke haircut, and a take-home hair care kit. Clearly outline the luxurious touchpoints to justify the premium price.

12) Straight razor shave & face mask ($50+)

Enhance your straight razor shave with a luxurious face mask—charcoal detox, moisturizing, or soothing aftershave balm. Apply before or after the shave, and let it work while you complete the service.

13) Beard design & conditioning ($40+)

Premium beard service includes trimming, shaping, conditioning, beard oil massage, warm towel wrap, leave-in conditioner application, and detailed styling for a polished look.

14) Hair color consultation & application ($100+)

Provide a personalized consultation to discuss the client's desired color, such as partial highlight, full color, or men's hair painting. Use high-end, long-lasting hair color products.

15) Royal shave & scalp massage ($60+)

Elevate your shave service with a luxurious scalp massage using warm oil or lotion in circular motions to relax the client. This adds a spa-like element to the traditional shave service, finished with a soothing aftershave balm application.

16) Signature package ($150+)

For high-ticket returns, create a premium package service that includes a luxurious haircut, straight razor shave, beard trim, and other spa-like treatments, such as a hot towel wrap, scalp massage, or facial. Market it as a "pampering day" for the modern gentleman. You can justify these higher prices by providing detailed services in your online booking process.

17) Father and son package ($50+)

Family-friendly barbershops can lean into this angle by offering a father-and-son package cut. Whether for the convenience or the bonding experience, these services provide an incentive for clients to double book their appointments. You may consider offering this service year-round or seasonally — such as near Father's Day and other significant family holidays.

Creative or trending services

You can flex your creative muscles while boosting profits by leveraging the latest trends in barbership services.

18) Design haircut ($50+)

Offer a design haircut service where you cut custom designs into the hair using clippers and razors. This unique service can set you apart and increase prices.

19) Hair & beard coloring ($75+)

Offer hair coloring services, including bold, vibrant colors for younger clients using semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair colors.

20) Specialty haircut ($50+)

Consider offering various specialty hair options such as Afros, Dreadlocks, Mohawks, Fades with Designs, Undercuts, or other unique styles. Clearly outline these specialty options in your menu and consider charging extra for more complex designs. Detail the service process, including consultation, shaping, styling, and aftercare advice. Additionally, consider offering premium add-ons such as hair treatments or styling products.

Barbershop add-ons

If you use Mangomint, you can enhance your online booking process by offering advanced add-ons through Service Customizations. This feature allows you to create upgrades that integrate with your service menu.

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Watch our webinar on Service Customizations

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21) Mustache trim ($10+)

Cater to clients who want to keep their mustaches looking sharp with a trim service. This add-on service can be paired with a haircut or done as a standalone visit.

22) Eyebrow shaping & waxing ($15+)

Help clients achieve perfectly defined eyebrows with an eyebrow shaping and waxing service. This popular add-on service complements haircuts. Use a wax suitable for the face and remove it with a clean cloth strip. Specify if the service includes after-wax care, like a soothing lotion application.

23) Shape-up (line-up, edge-up) ($10+)

Deliver crisp, clean lines with a shape-up service, also known as a line-up or edge-up. Shape-ups are a great way to increase average ticket prices and encourage more frequent visits.

24) Nape shave ($10+)

Elevate your clients' grooming experience with a nape-shave service. It can be added to haircuts or offered as a standalone service.

25) Nose hair trim ($10+)

Offer a nose hair trim service, where you tidy and shorten the nose hair to provide a clean finish. Use nose hair scissors or clippers designed explicitly for trimming nose hair.

26) Ear hair trim ($10+)

Provide an ear hair trim service, tidying and shortening the hair in and around the ears. Add it to haircuts or offer it as a standalone service. Just be sure to stock specialty razors designed for ear hair and avoid sensitive skin inside the ear canal.

27) Scalp treatment ($20+)

Treat clients to a scalp treatment service. The service could include a medicated treatment for issues like dandruff, a soothing treatment for sensitivity, or a nourishing treatment for dry scalps. Apply a treatment product and let it work under a warm towel.

28) Consultation (Free or $20+)

Offer personalized hair and beard advice through a consultation service, including face shape analysis, lifestyle discussion, and product recommendations. Offer free consultations to attract new clients or charge a fee to return revenue on your most valuable insights.

Barbershop membership and package ideas

Many barbershops now offer membership plans or packages that provide regular services at a discounted price. Let's explore some of the memberships and packages barbershops may consider offering:

29) Essential grooming membership ($40+ per month)

This is an entry-level barbershop membership that includes:

  • One haircut per month

  • 10% off additional haircuts

  • 10% off retail products

  • Priority booking

30) Premium grooming membership ($70+ per month)

This mid-tier barbershop membership example includes:

  • One haircut and one beard service (trim or shave) per month

  • 15% off additional haircuts and beard services

  • 15% off retail products

  • Priority booking

  • Complimentary upgrades (like a luxurious scalp massage with haircuts)

31) Elite grooming membership ($120+ per month)

A high-end barbershop membership might include:

  • Two haircuts and two beard services per month

  • 20% off additional haircuts and beard services

  • 20% off retail products

  • Priority booking

  • Complimentary upgrades (like a luxurious scalp massage with haircuts)

  • One complimentary guest service per month

32) Student membership ($30 per month)

A discounted membership for students, including:

  • One haircut per month

  • 10% off additional haircuts

  • 10% off retail products

  • Priority booking

This structure and its benefits could also work perfectly for a senior membership program.

Find barbershop marketing tools and ideas

Find barbershop marketing tools and ideas

Streamline your in-house marketing efforts with ideas and tools created for barbershops.

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Setting barbershop service prices

Setting barbershop service prices involves considering several factors. Here's a guide to help you set fair, competitive, and profitable prices.

Calculate your costs

Calculate all expenses to set a minimum price, including fixed costs like rent, equipment, insurance, and supplies, and variable costs such as employee wages and commissions.

Research the competition

Research the prices of similar services at local barbershops. Visit their websites, call for pricing, or even go undercover to experience their services. This will give you a baseline for competitive pricing.

Consider your geography

Location greatly affects pricing. Urban areas support higher prices than rural areas. High-end neighborhoods can command premium prices. Consider the target demographic's income and spending habits.

Factor in your reputation

You can command higher prices if you're an experienced barber with a strong reputation. Consider your qualifications, years of experience, and client reviews. Offering premium services or using high-end products can also justify raising prices.

Service configurations

The configuration of your services impacts pricing. Are you offering a la carte services or packages? Packages often provide a discount for booking multiple services at once. Consider the time, skill, and products required for each service.

Test and adjust

Once you've set your prices, you may consider testing them with a soft launch. With this approach, you can monitor client feedback against your profit margins. This lets you adjust prices up or down based on demand and profitability.

The importance of descriptive service menus

The first interaction potential clients have with your barbershop is your service menu. A descriptive menu is crucial for attracting new clients and ensuring customer satisfaction. Here's why a detailed service menu is essential.

  • Extra revenue and upselling: A well-crafted menu can boost average order values through premium services and add-ons. Detailing luxurious elements justifies premium pricing and encourages upgrades. A clear menu helps the front desk upsell and recommend services, boosting revenue.

  • Transparency: Clients are eager to understand what they can anticipate from their appointment. A menu clarifies services, techniques, products, and expected results. This builds trust and reduces miscommunication or disappointment.

  • Customer satisfaction: Clear expectations lead to satisfaction. A detailed menu ensures clients book the right service, increasing satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied clients are more likely to return and refer others, growing your business.

  • Attracting new customers: Search engines like Google crawl your website content, including your service menu, to understand your offerings. The more descriptive your menu is, the higher you'll rank in search results. You can learn more about

    barbershop marketing here.

  • Establishing your unique selling proposition (USP): A descriptive menu highlights what sets your barbershop apart, like premium products, proprietary techniques, or a luxurious atmosphere. It communicates your USP, attracting clients seeking a unique experience and justifying premium pricing.

The best way to manage your service menu is with an intelligent barbershop software system.

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Emily Holzer
Emily Holzer is a Content Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a master’s degree in English and a passion for helping salons, spas, and other local beauty businesses thrive. When she is not writing, you can find her playing chess or tending to her houseplants. Fun fact: Emily has donated 8 ponytails (so far) across 5 hair loss charities in the U.S.

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