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Why we decided to buy The Salon Business

We built Mangomint by listening closely and learning from salon and spa owners. Now we’re investing back into the community with our acquisition of The Salon Business.
By Daniel Lang | January 19, 2023
Why we decided to buy The Salon Business

A few weeks back, I shared the news that we received a significant investment to accelerate the growth of the Mangomint platform and our impact on the industry. 

In that post, I described what it was like for my co-founders and me back in 2017 - how we understood that in order to pursue our mission of making salon and spa software invisible, we needed to listen closely and deeply understand the challenges people were facing. 

What we learned was invaluable and shaped so many of the unique features we have since created. Staying close with our customers and learning from the community of salon and spa owners has been at the core of building Mangomint every step of the way.

The News

Today, we’re making a major investment in that community. 

We are excited to announce that we have acquired The Salon Business - one of the leading online content and education platforms for salon and spa industry professionals. 

Through its library of educational blogs, video content, and courses, The Salon Business reaches hundreds of thousands of business owners each month and provides tools to make their salons and spas more successful. 

The company was founded by John Hallberg, a salon-industry expert who has spent the past three years building The Salon Business into one of the most trusted resources for industry knowledge and mentorship for beauty business owners.

When I met with John while visiting London just a few months ago, I could see that his passion for empowering professionals in the industry was genuine, and I became determined to find a way we could partner together to provide additional resources to the community. 

Through this acquisition, we’ll be able to reach even more business owners, develop deeper connections with the community through high-quality content, and provide in-depth educational resources to support the growth of beauty and wellness businesses across the globe. 

The Future

We have a big year ahead of us. With several new Mangomint features set to launch, upcoming HIPAA compliance updates, and major improvements to payroll management, 2023 is going to be our most impactful year yet. 

With this acquisition, we will extend that impact. We aim to continue expanding educational support at The Salon Business and invest in our growing community through high-quality content and practical tools to empower business owners and professionals.

We also will continue to support the integrity and momentum The Salon Business has worked so hard to achieve and ensure that all content remains software-agnostic and relevant to the community.

We’re particularly excited about growing community-focused education programs at The Salon Business that dive deep into branding, marketing, sales, operations, and leadership. This knowledge is increasingly important for business owners, and developing these programs further will enable us to help businesses grow through each stage of their journey. 

Thank you to our incredible community of business owners and professionals across the beauty and wellness space. Your support has helped us pave the way for the future of the industry, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you in 2023 and beyond.


To learn more about our partnership, read John's message to the community on The Salon Business.

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