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8 Essential salon management software features

Explore software features that can help lighten your business’s overhead to help you focus on what is most important to you.

8 Essential salon management software features
Emily Holzer
By Emily Holzer

Content Marketing Manager

Are you thinking about switching salon software? Finding the right platform can help support you and your business toward success. While every salon has unique needs, there are some core aspects you should consider when making the switch. Let’s unpack essential salon software features to keep on your checklist.

Feature 1: Seamless online booking and salon scheduling

Salon scheduling software is essential to your business in today’s digital era. The primary role of most salon software systems is to manage online bookings. There are a few considerations you will want to keep in mind when finding the right online booking software for you:

  • Will clients need to make an account to book? According to data from the Baymard Institute, forced account creation is the second-highest cause of checkout abandonment. Their data suggests that roughly 25% of potential clients will find another salon when forced to make an account to book. Instead, simply find a salon software system that does not require clients to create an account during the online booking process.

  • Does the software include a solution for phone booking? In many cases, you will need to manually log phone appointment data. Not only does this take longer for you and the clients, but this error-prone method can create more problems than it solves. For example, Mangomint’s Express Booking™ will send clients a digital link to fill out their information for phone bookings. 

  • Can you customize your service menu and booking flow? To help maximize the value of every appointment, your software should support customized add-ons at every step in your booking flow. 

  • Does the platform provide a positive scheduling experience? Test the booking flow of your potential software. You can do this in your trial account or on the websites of existing software clients. Is the scheduling flow efficient and intuitive? A positive customer experience will encourage more appointments for your business.

Feature 2: Built-in payroll processing

Are you looking for a salon software system with payroll? If you aren’t, you should consider this a top priority. A payroll processing feature can save you time, money, and trouble managing one of your most complex administrative processes. 

Unlike 3rd-party payroll systems, you will find an internal processor designed for salon businesses. For example, these systems should intuitively manage the payment structures intrinsic to salons, including tips, commission, hourly, salary pay, and a combination of all these options.

Seamlessly make adjustments to tailor payroll to your salon without the extra trouble. Then, let your salon software’s payroll feature handle payment distributions and tax filings for you. It is easy to see why an internal payroll feature can be a game changer for salon businesses.

Feature 3: Streamlined client check-in and checkout

Improving client check-in and checkout can maximize your billable time, improve your customer experience, and relieve your staff of extra administrative work. As such, it is vital to explore how your new salon software can streamline these processes. 

  • Customer-led check-in: Rather than having a dedicated staff member waiting to check clients in, you can let your customers do the work for you — improving the process for your staff and clients alike. Find a software system that supports customer-led check-in processes, such as with a Virtual Waiting Room.

  • Comprehensive payment options: The easiest way to check clients out quickly is to support compatible payments. Look for an integrated POS that accepts all the latest payment options.

  • Client-led checkout: You can also elevate your checkout process to the next level with client self-checkout. This feature lets you send clients a link to pay directly from their smartphone, unlocking a whole new level of convenience.

Feature 4: Staff management with individual account views

Salon staff management features are perhaps the most polarizing within the software world. Some salon owners want full control, while others prefer to pass the power (and these extra tasks) onto staff members or managers.

Find a software system that lets you customize permissions for every member of your team. This will ensure you can employ the management style that fits your business and tailor it to the needs of each employee.

You should also ensure the software’s features accommodate any unique management needs across your team. For example, do you have any newer staff members who require extra time to complete an appointment? Or perhaps you charge more for services from seasoned stylists? Your salon software should seamlessly accommodate these enhancements.

Explore software features tailored to hair salons

Explore software features tailored to hair salons

Mangomint is the highest-rated hair salon software system thanks to these industry-leading features tailored to businesses like yours.

Learn about our hair salon solutions

Feature 5: Personalized, integrated email marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to connect with your clients. While there are tons of 3rd party email marketing tools available, your campaigns will go further with a built-in salon software tool

Why? 3rd-party tools simply don’t know your clients (or your business) like your salon software does. A built-in email marketing tool keeps up with your clients, making it easy to find and leverage your most valuable email marketing opportunities. This comes with a few benefits for your business:

  • Save money: Many email marketing platforms charge per email sent. When you send an “email blast” that does not target relevant clients on your list, you are likely throwing money away. By giving you the tools you need to find relevant opportunities, you can cut down on these email costs.

  • Avoid spam filters: Promotional email blasts can help your business collect spam reports and potentially lead to automatic spam filtering. Internal email targeting can help you protect future campaign performance. You can read more in our guide to personalized salon and spa email marketing.

  • Save time: Integrated email marketing tools are designed with salons in mind. You can find templates that are made for your industry, which minimizes the need to edit and saves you time.

Most importantly, these email marketing tools have all the features you need front and center. By finding a built-in salon email tool, you can avoid complex marketing suites that try to serve every industry with cluttered design tools and overloaded controls.

Feature 6: Supports memberships, promotions, and packages

Maximize revenue with promotions done your way. While it might seem obvious, you will want to find a software system that makes it simple to apply service discounts during checkout. This feature makes it easy to encourage clients to book an appointment or try a new service.

Packages and memberships can also keep clients coming back for more. However, these programs are only worthwhile if your software prevents excessive overhead work.

Find a platform with the built-in features that make membership and package management straightforward and effective. For example, you will want to look for automatic billing, a transparent membership dashboard, and a customizable client portal.

Feature 7: Two-Way Texting for transparent communication

Staying connected to clients is unquestionably vital for salons, which is why many clients (and providers) prefer text communication. This method eliminates the phone tag and sidesteps overloaded voicemail boxes. 

Unfortunately, this method traditionally carries a few downsides. Texting clients can require salon professionals to use their personal phones and numbers. Not only is this inconvenient, but it also disperses communication — making it easy to miss important messages within your salon.

For example, have you ever missed an appointment opportunity because a client texted a provider who was on vacation, out sick, or on maternity leave? These oversights are easy to prevent with the right salon software.

The simplest way to streamline client communication is with a centralized touchpoint. A feature like Two-Way Texting documents all client communications across providers, devices, and outlets into one spot. 

Best of all, you can choose which providers can view and send messages. This feature keeps you in the driver’s seat without requiring you to manage all communication firsthand. 

Feature 8: Seamless digital gift card sales

Selling salon gift cards can help maximize your revenue while promoting word-of-mouth marketing. Find a system that lets you seamlessly perform all necessary gift card functions, including:

Mangomint’s salon management software

When switching your salon management software, it is essential to find all the right features for your business. Mangomint strives to maintain an advanced suite of salon software tools designed specifically for those with 5+ service providers.

If you haven’t tried the platform yet, consider starting a free Mangomint trial or booking a live demo to get started today.

Emily Holzer
Emily Holzer is a Content Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a master’s degree in English and a passion for helping salons, spas, and other local beauty businesses thrive. When she is not writing, you can find her playing chess or tending to her houseplants. Fun fact: Emily has donated 8 ponytails (so far) across 5 hair loss charities in the U.S.

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