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Mangomint Leadership Series: Chantelle Donoghue from Moda Salon

As a celebration of Women's History Month, Mangomint has decided to feature some of the strongest women leaders on our blog. These women are passionate, dedicated, and excellent at what they do!
By Cassie Chernin | March 31, 2021
Mangomint Leadership Series: Chantelle Donoghue from Moda Salon

Moda by definition means “fashion, trend, style, vogue, fashion.” and that’s exactly what kind of statement Chantelle was looking to make naming her company, Moda Salon in 2010. Inspired by a trip to a barbershop in Mexico, Chantelle’s (and her now, husband) aim with Moda Salon was to create a place where you can get a haircut at a place that is fundamentally different from other places. Chantelle details that the way they set themselves apart is straightforward, “three words is all it takes, simplicity, detail and family.” 

There was magic in the air when they returned from their trip and with some luck, a lot of elbow grease, and partnership, they opened their salon on the same street that Chantelle grew up on in June 2010. The story of Moda Salon seems to all relate back to Chantelle’s best advice she’s ever gotten in the industry, “don’t work in the business, work on the business.” In June 2010, they started as a small team of three and focused on specifically building their clientele. It was a challenge, she talks about, “We learned how to communicate efficiently, work together, find balance, and most of all, be together as a husband and wife at the same time as business partners.” 

Since 2010, their family has grown by two -- two wonderful kids that also support their parents like their parents support them. The pandemic, like most salons, hit them hard. In May 2020, they took a month off and moved to a cottage to make an action plan. It was during that time,  her daughters saw her crying and her oldest said, “Do not worry Mommy, you can do it, you are my hero.” They decided to launch an e-commerce business and it launched in November 2020. 

And while it took longer than expected, “They did not reach about web development and social media marketing back when I was at Ryerson University at 2008, she laments, “I had to take all the knowledge I gained in my time there and in Paris at Essec and architect a plan for the future.” They are now hitting their sales goals, and their revenue has seen growth every month since December!

Chantelle has big dreams for the future. “My dream is to revolutionize the hair business, to mentor other salon owners, and teach about entrepreneurship, marketing, and branding.” And she mentions, that’s why she loves working with Mangomint, “I love that it puts us at the front of the fusion of technology and customer service.” 

While Canada (like many other countries and areas) is still struggling with re-opening and the pandemic has hit hard, Chantelle is optimistic. “Moda Salon is stronger than ever. During our time in quarantine, we were able to reflect on our journey and decide the next steps for Moda Salon. We have grown, persevered and most of all, stuck together. We are painting our own future. Over the past 10 years, our family has grown. Each client that walks through our doors becomes part of a family, the Moda Salon family.” 

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