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How My Little Beautique creates a beautiful experience for everyone

Gina Monique Lafler tells us how she empowers her clients and staff members and keeps her beauty salon running seamlessly with the support of Mangomint.

How My Little Beautique creates a beautiful experience for everyone
Josephine Hulburd Schultz
By Josephine Hulburd Schultz

Marketing Manager

When you walk into My Little Beautique, you may be lucky enough to be greeted by Gina Monique Lafler. Her style is at once effortless and curated: each of her nails is painted with her own unique design and her two tiers of knuckle tattoos sprawl into colorful sleeves of artwork, a gleaming butterfly tooth gem punctuating her smile.

Not only is Gina an incredibly talented nail artist, but she’s also the owner of My Little Beautique (MLB) and a long-time Mangomint customer. On a particularly sunny day in Los Angeles’ West Side, I had the pleasure of meeting her and visiting her Culver City beauty nest.

With services ranging from cashmere lash extensions and tooth gems to CBD facials and body sculpting, MLB exceeds its mission to be the “one-stop shop for all things beauty & wellness.” With more than 100 services available to book and over 10 artists on staff, running a studio as complex as MLB could easily be a daunting task.

However, just like her immaculate style, Gina makes it look effortless with the help of Mangomint’s automation features, which she relies on to cut down on busy work and save her time and money.

Improved Communication

Culture and communication are the heart and soul of MLB. Gina lives those values by giving her team members the same warmth and respect that she provides her clients. She is quick to share gratitude and respect with a genuine energy that engages and inspires those around her.

MLB is able to provide exceptional services and retain highly skilled estheticians and technicians by creating that nurturing environment and providing their team with tools for success. By taking advantage of Mangomint’s smart booking and client management features, Gina is able to focus on being present and give her team the ability to work independently while always feeling supported.

”My staff members love Mangomint. They think it's one of the best booking systems they have used. They love all the features like being able to put in all client notes along with being able to get notified when clients arrive.”

Mangomint’s Automated Messages feature has also greatly improved communication between My Little Beautique and their clients. Staff members get notifications when clients book or change appointments, which helps them stay up-to-date without having to constantly check their schedule or run to the front desk.

Streamlined Appointments and Payments

Like many beauty salons, MLB previously struggled to get clients’ cards on file. With Mangomint, first-time clients who book over the phone are provided with an easy way to enter their credit card information using the Express Booking™  feature.

Express Booking™ lets the MLB team automatically text a link to new clients where they can review and complete their details, put a credit card on file, and accept their cancellation policy in just a few taps. Being able to conveniently safeguard her employee’s time has made it much easier for Gina and her team to communicate and uphold their policies.

Mangomint also allows MLB clients to easily book their appointments online without a login, which has reduced the amount of time Gina and her team need to spend on the phone. Clients can pick the date and time that works best for them, enter their credit card information immediately, and even cancel or reschedule their appointment without having to call the salon.

Customizable Consent Forms

Another feature that MLB uses to streamline business is customizable forms. Whether you book lip blushing, a radio frequency facial, or a brow lamination, you’ll first need to fill out a consent form.

Dozens of MLB’s unique services require consent to be filled out prior to an appointment. Collecting the right consent form for the right service from the right client could quickly become an organizational nightmare. Thankfully, clients can fill out their consent form via text message right after booking their appointment or easily access the form in Mangomint’s automated text and email reminders.

And if the client hasn’t gotten around to filling out the form before they arrive, MLB is prepared. While they wait for their appointment, the guest can enter their information on MLB’s iPad or their own smartphone. All their forms conveniently sync to the appointment and client profile for easy access during and after the appointment.

Open to Feedback

Mangomint is built using the valued feedback of salon and spa owners like Gina. That’s how Mangomint is able to make the day-to-day of industry professionals easier and provide them with the tools they actually need to cut the tedium and spend more time on their clients, their staff, and their future. Gina is one of the many talented and insightful business owners who have shared their feedback and suggested new features — feedback that has been instrumental in bringing meaningful ideas to life in Mangomint.

I love Mangomint’s customer service. Every time I need to get a hold of somebody and have any questions or concerns, they actually respond back in minutes instead of hours.”

Gina and her team run a busy salon so when they have questions, they need answers quickly. Mangomint’s support team is able to keep up with their needs and provide the same top-notch customer service MLB provides for their clients.

Josephine Hulburd Schultz
Josephine Hulburd Schultz is a Marketing Manager at Mangomint. With a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, she focuses on transparent and impactful marketing that empowers salon and spa owners to grow their businesses and succeed. Fun fact: Josephine is obsessed with testing out new curly hair products and trying out unique nail art.

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