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3 Salon booth rental agreement templates and examples (PDF)

How do you create a booth renter contract? Explore templates, examples, and insights for booth rental agreements.

3 Salon booth rental agreement templates and examples (PDF)
Emily Holzer
By Emily Holzer

Content Marketing Manager

Preparing a booth rental agreement is the first step in transitioning to a suite rental or hybrid model.

As a software built for salons (including those with booth renters), Mangomint gathered templates and insights to help. Still, it is essential to seek personalized legal counsel before moving forward. The booth rental laws vary from state to state, and your salon's unique setup can affect the needs of your agreement.

If you are looking for a salon software system that supports booth rental, hybrid, and standard models, Mangomint can help!

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1) Booth rental agreement for salons in California

California is home to one of the most abundant salon scenes. With its complex legal system, these booth renter agreements can be especially tricky.

This example booth rental agreement is tailored to California laws and details a monthly rent structure. It also demonstrates how you can use a signing bonus to incentivize new booth renters.

Download our California booth rental agreement

2) Booth rental agreement for salons in Texas

Booth rental agreements have to balance flexibility for renters and protection for businesses. For example, this Texas booth rental agreement allows for sublets — but only when approved by the salon owner. It also enforces a missed rent penalty but offers a short grace period for late payments.

Download our Texas booth rental agreement

3) Booth rental agreement for salons in Florida

Florida salons know that the structure of business operations can vary starkly between businesses. With seasonal tourism affecting demand in certain parts of the state, you can protect your revenue stream by enforcing longer contract terms in your booth rental agreements. As such, this template takes on a year-long lease term with monthly payments.

Download our Florida booth rental agreement

View our booth rental webinar

View our booth rental webinar

Check out our webinar about managing booth renters in Mangomint's salon software.

View the booth rental webinar

A guide to booth rental considerations

For many salon owners, booth rental is the key to boosting profits while alleviating extra salon management work. These rentals can provide additional revenue, support a low-maintenance management style, and encourage diversified salon services. However, these benefits also include extra considerations, especially when getting started.

Personalization is critical when creating your ideal booth rental agreements. If you're using a template, ensure you tailor the details to your business before sending it to legal for review. Or, if you're having a legal team create your agreement from scratch, give them a list of your insights and requests, such as:

  • Pricing: How much will you charge for each booth rental, and how will you determine payment for items like utilities?

  • Payment configurations: How frequently is your rent charged, and when will your booth rent be due within this period? For example, monthly payments are the most common option, and you must determine whether booth renters pay at the beginning, middle, or end of each month.

  • Booth description: What space is the booth renter paying for? You should include details like the square footage of their booth space, information about parking, what furnishings + equipment are included, and which services your salon is permitted for.

  • Lease term: How long is the agreement term? Will you allow salon owners to sublet their booth if they need to leave sooner?

  • Penalties: How much will you charge for a broken lease or a late payment? Will you offer a grace period before the penalty?

Limitations in booth rental agreements

While it might be easy to think about booth renters like other members of your team, they legally act as an independent business operating inside your building.

As such, many states will limit your control over booth rentals. For example, you can offer them access to your software to streamline booking and payout information. However, it may be illegal in your state to force them to use a particular tool or system.

When creating your agreement and talking with potential renters, it is essential you explain any possible repercussions of using a different software system. For example, let's say you are a hybrid salon with one color processor. You may utilize your salon software's resource scheduling feature to avoid overlaps between hair processing appointment times. So, if a booth renter chooses a different software system, it may disrupt their access to shared salon resources.

However, it is ultimately up to your booth renters to decide which software system to use.

Similarly, you can request reasonable social accommodations — like maintaining a peaceful environment. Still, it might be illegal to demand they sign a "culture contract" or make them adhere to certain preferences that your salon favors.

If you want this level of control over your business, the booth renter or hybrid model might not be for you.

Even if these practices are optional in your state, you may have difficulty keeping independent booth renters engaged if you do not meet the industry's standards.

Additional insights for booth rentals

In a traditional salon, all your processes can be managed using comprehensive salon software. When transitioning to a booth rental or hybrid model, you will need some extra considerations within your management system, such as:

  • How you'll collect and distribute payments: Payment accounts can be tricky when dealing with booth rental spaces. You can read our guide to setting up your independent merchant accounts here.

  • Direct booking links: If your booth renters choose to use your software, you can help keep things streamlined with direct booking and scheduling links.

  • How you'll manage inventory and commission: If you want booth renters to help move your salon's inventory, it is vital you find a compensation model (likely commission-based) that booth renters will be excited about.

  • Communication and settings: You should partner with a software system that lets you set unique permission configurations for booth renters. This setting will give them access to necessary data without compromising your business's proprietary information.

Learn about flexible payment options

Learn about flexible payment options

Mangomint's payment options are tailored to support every business type, from traditional salons and spas to booth rental & hybrid models.

Explore the perks of Mangomint Pay

As you get settled in, the booth rental model can require some getting used to. Don't be discouraged if things aren't seamless from the start. While easing into the booth rental model, prepare to problem-solve and find what works best for everyone involved.

It may take some adjusting, but if it is a good fit for your salon, you will soon start to see the benefits of booth rentals take shape.

Moving forward with booth rentals

Mangomint can help your salon or spa thrive — in traditional, booth rental, and hybrid models alike. Book a demo to learn how our adaptable software can support your business, or start a free trial to experience the platform first-hand today.

Emily Holzer
Emily Holzer is a Content Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a master’s degree in English and a passion for helping salons, spas, and other local beauty businesses thrive. When she is not writing, you can find her playing chess or tending to her houseplants. Fun fact: Emily has donated 8 ponytails (so far) across 5 hair loss charities in the U.S.

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