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Don't let your POS drag you down.

Our system makes checkout and point-of-sale fast and easy, giving you more time to service the client and provide an excellent experience.

What’s Included:

Streamlined checkout

Check out appointments, sell products, and memberships, redeem gift cards and packages, add and split tips and accept payments all without ever leaving the calendar screen.

Trigger a wide variety of payment options with the click of a button for a truly seamless experience.

Credit cards on file

Provide a safe and seamless checkout experience for both clients and staff when you use cards-on-file. Charge the card-on-file directly from the software or mobile app for a completely contactless payment.

With our Poynt POS integration you can allow clients without cards-on-file to pay via Apple Pay or Google Pay for minimized contact with the POS device.

Poynt Smart Terminal integration

Our integration with the Poynt Smart Terminal enables a seamless checkout experience. Accept tips, sign, and send email and text receipts. Works with Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Multi-merchant support

Connect multiple merchant accounts to a single Mangomint account. The system automatically routes the payment based on the service provider with no manual selection required.

Eliminate errors and cut out a step in the process with this time-saving solution for businesses that have unique structures and compensation models.

Split payments

Split payments to accept multiple tenders on one transaction. Gift cards, cash, credit cards, and custom payment methods.

Custom payment buttons

The system supports custom payment buttons so you can keep track of all accepted payment types within your business reports.

Add buttons for non-traditional payment methods like Venmo, PayPal, loyalty programs or any method you accept.

Credit card processing

Mangomint is payment processor agnostic. You can use any payment processor that supports the Poynt credit card terminal. We currently have relationships with over 30 payment companies in the U.S. and Canada and can make introductions.

Alternatively, you can also use your own credit card device with Mangomint, however the checkout process would not be fully integrated.

Cash drawer

Manage your cash drawer with a clean-drawer-count calculator. Keep track of payouts and pay-ins with just a few simple steps.

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