Don't let your POS drag you down.

Our system makes checkout and point-of-sale fast and easy, giving you more time to service the client and provide an excellent experience.
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What’s Included:

Poynt Smart Terminal

Our integration with the Poynt Smart Terminal enables a seamless checkout experience. Accept tips, sign, and send email and text receipts.

Works with:
Apple Pay & Android Pay

Credit Cards On File
Minimize no-shows with the ability to save credit cards on file for cancellation policies and prepayments.
Multi-Merchant Support
Send payments to multiple merchant accounts through one Poynt terminal. Mangomint automatically routes the payment based on the service provider with no manual selection required.
Split payments
Split payments to accept multiple tenders on one transaction. Gift cards, cash, credit cards, and custom payment methods.
Gift Cards
Manage both handwritten and custom-scannable gift cards - assign them to specific clients and create custom pricing.
Cash Drawer
Manage your cash drawer with a clean-drawer-count calculator. Keep track of payouts and pay-ins with just a few simple steps.
Products & Inventory
Manage your stock levels for purchase, move items to professional-use and quickly take inventory on your mobile device.
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