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Successful salon and spa memberships: 6 ideas and examples

Get your inspiration flowing with these successful membership examples and ideas.

Successful salon and spa memberships: 6 ideas and examples
Emily Holzer
By Emily Holzer

Content Marketing Manager

Are you ready to launch your membership program? These six examples from real Mangomint users offer the inspiration and ideas you need to get started. 

Salon membership ideas and examples

Almost any salon service can qualify for a membership program — from nails to lashes and hair cuts and coloring. However, the individualized nature of salon services can make it hard to create "one-size-fits-all" memberships. One salon on our list stood out in displaying how possible and profitable membership programs can be.

1) Salon blowout membership example: Roots + Daisies 

Of all the salon services on the market, blowouts are perhaps the most popular among membership structures. 

Roots + Daisies offers weekly and bi-monthly blowout memberships. They sweeten the deal with a luxury wash, additional service discounts, and a free birthday blowout. 

Membership Overview: 

  • Gold Membership: 2 blowouts per month, including luxury wash, a complimentary birthday blowout, and 10% off either one service or product each month.

  • Black Membership: 1 blowout per week, including luxury wash, a complimentary birthday blowout, and 15% off either one service or product each month.

Simple and effective, these offerings can practically sell themselves. You can view more details on their membership page. Be careful — you might just be tempted to never wash your hair again. 

2) Root touch-up membership example: Roots + Daisies

When clients need regular touch-up services, it is easy to assume they'll visit your salon again soon. However, if life gets busy, it is easy to opt for the "quick and easy" solutions instead.

The experts at Roots + Daisies also perfectly exemplify how you can use memberships to secure routine touch-up appointments — making it easier for you and your clients. 

Membership Overview:

  • The Root Touch-Up Membership includes one single-process root color touch-up service every 4 weeks at a discounted rate.

They also take the pressure off routine appointments. If the recurring appointment is pushed out of the membership's 4-week span, they simply let clients pay non-member pricing by charging the difference at the time of the appointment. You can view more membership details from Roots + Daisies here!

Spa membership ideas and examples

While the spa industry's largest chains have been reaping the benefits of memberships for a while now, software advancements have recently made this accessible to smaller spa businesses. With this expansion, many spas are wondering where to get started. Here are some ideas and examples to help get your creative wheels spinning.

3) Spa savings membership example: Auroraflow Massage

Auroraflow Massage's structure demonstrates just how accessible and effective wellness bank membership options can be. This membership style is often found in businesses with large ticket items, like tattoo shops and medical spas. You can read more in our guide to bank-style membership programs here.

Membership Overview:

  • Auroraflow memberships ($100 per month) provide credit towards a premium facial, 75-minute therapeutic massage, or 60-minute specialty treatment ($120 value) — plus 10% off all additional services or products. Clients can apply the $100 toward any other service(s) with the member-exclusive discount or let the money roll over and accrue until the time is right.

With a running monthly charge and a discount on all services, this membership option makes their wellness offerings accessible and inclusive. The universal wellness bank structure also helps avoid extra management overhead, making memberships easy to track. You can view details about Auroraflow's membership here.

4) Sugaring membership ideas: Swanky Sugar

Some salons and spas resist membership opportunities — carrying a traditional belief that these contracts can't be mutually beneficial and fun. 

Swanky Sugar introduces the new era of membership programs and all the possibilities it brings. Branded as the "Cookie Club," their membership setup is the pinnacle of spunky, clear, and compelling structures. 

Membership overview:

  • The Cookie Club:

    • Brazilian – Regular $70 | Membership $60

    • Extended Bikini – Regular $55 | Membership $50

    • Basic Bikini – Regular $45 | Membership $40

They display monthly service pricing for all their most popular offerings next to the full-priced alternative — giving a $5 - $10 discount just for joining the free club. The page details additional benefits and gives sign-up instructions. View Swanky Sugar's membership magic here.

5) Laser hair removal membership ideas: Bare Laser Medspa

Is it time we rethink laser hair removal services? Membership programs offer smaller payment breakdowns for flexible service options at a discounted rate — it is every client's dream.

Bare Laser Medspa is here to show you just how simple laser hair removal memberships can be. First, they offer a chart that categorizes service areas (small, medium, large, and extra large). Then, they tell customers which service combinations fall into each membership tier. 

Membership overview:

  • Platinum - Choice Of One Monthly:

    • Laser Hair Removal (1 Large Area or 2 Medium Areas)

    • Deluxe HydraFacial®, LipLase® Session, L-Sculpt Session (Abs or Buttlift), Microneedling, or Laser Needling Session.

    • Or one high-level service at an additional membership rate (including an extra large laser area or a Photofacial)

  • Gold - Choice Of One Monthly:

    • Laser Hair Removal (1 Small & 1 Medium Area)

    • Signature HydraFacial®

    • Or one high-level service at an additional membership rate.

  • Silver - Choice Of One Monthly:

    • Laser Hair Removal (2 Small Areas or 1 Medium Area)

    • Or one high-level service at an additional membership rate. 

These memberships let clients pick and choose which service areas to target each month. Rather than putting pressure on full laser hair removal for each treatment area, clients can move on when they are satisfied with their results. Each plan also includes member-exclusive discounts on other eligible services.

Collectively, these memberships offer an innovative and game-changing approach to laser hair removal — benefitting the business and customers alike. You can view Bare Laser Medspa's membership options for yourself here.

6) Massage membership ideas: Aozora Wellness

If you are looking for a clean, enticing, and straightforward way to organize massage membership options, Aozora Wellness has captured this perfectly. 

Membership overview:

  • Deep Tissue Massages

    • Once A Month - 60 minutes – $90 | 90 minutes – $120

    • Twice A Month - 60 minutes – $180 | 90 minutes – $240

  • Lymph (Lymphatic Drainage) Massages

    • Once A Month - 60 minutes – $80 | 90 minutes – $110

  • Swedish Massages

    • Once A Month - 60 minutes – $75 | 90 minutes – $105

    • Twice A Month - 60 minutes – $150 | 90 minutes – $195

They break down their options into easily digestible categories, offering pricing for different frequencies and durations. While this might sound like a lot of information, their seamless layout makes it easy to take in while understanding the clear value of these services. You can view their membership offerings here to get a closer look.

Membership considerations

When creating your membership, it is vital to ensure your salon or spa software supports this feature. Otherwise, you could be manually managing monthly payments, keeping up with service redemption, applying member discounts, and so much more.

It is also helpful to iron out the finer details about your program, including:

  • Do you require a commitment period? This requirement can prevent one-time customers from taking advantage of your member-only deals meant for your most loyal clients. For example, "Cancel anytime after 90 days."

  • How frequently can members redeem services? Even if your membership is "unlimited," it is helpful to set parameters around your monthly services. For example, you might say, "Unlimited monthly salt cave sessions (assumes 1 hr sessions, once per day)."

  • Do unused treatments or credits roll over? Should customers expect to "use it or lose it"?

  • Can credits be transferred to another client? Some businesses find extra customer satisfaction when allowing an unused massage or facial to be transferred — encouraging clients to book a couple's session or bring a friend (hello, free referrals). However, this process can also extend member-exclusive benefits to non-members. It is up to you to decide what limitations you might want to place on member benefits. 

  • Do you require a cancellation notice? Your membership may need its own cancellation policy. 

  • Are there any exclusions? Ensure you note any limitations, such as if your memberships only apply to select locations, services, or providers.

  • How do you handle gratuity? While we know tipping in some businesses (like medical spas) is always complicated, membership offerings can add a new layer of confusion. Customers who pre-pay with a membership will not need to check out for every visit — complicating the tipping window. Additionally, some clients may assume gratuity is not anticipated during more frequent visits to your business. If you still expect gratuity from members, ensure you share this information with them upfront. If you plan to decline member gratuity, you may need to adjust the staff payout of these appointments to compensate for the difference.

Sell memberships and packages

Sell memberships and packages

Learn how Mangomint can help seamlessly sell your memberships and packages with intuitive software features.

Explore membership features

Mangomint salon and spa software

If you are ready to launch your membership program, Mangomint can help! Find the features you need to launch, manage, and oversee memberships alongside industry-leading management solutions, like payroll, email marketing, online booking, and so much more. You can launch a free trial or book your demo to get started today!

Emily Holzer
Emily Holzer is a Content Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a master’s degree in English and a passion for helping salons, spas, and other local beauty businesses thrive. When she is not writing, you can find her playing chess or tending to her houseplants. Fun fact: Emily has donated 8 ponytails (so far) across 5 hair loss charities in the U.S.

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