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How to create a premium salon brand

We have gathered the tools and insights you need to create a premium or luxury salon brand.

How to create a premium salon brand
Emily Holzer
By Emily Holzer

Content Marketing Manager

Creating a luxury salon brand can help you justify higher prices and keep your business going strong for years to come. You can watch our video below, download our free PDF, and read on for guidance on building a premium salon brand.

1. Have the right tools on your side

Premium salon brands are ready for anything. They don’t achieve this preparedness by overextending themselves — but rather by staying armored with the right tools. From their booking system to their staff and in-house equipment, premium brands are built on premium foundations.

Even your salon brand planning can benefit from the right tools, which create less work for you and better outcomes for your business. As such, we are making our premium brand guide and tools available for free. Click here to download The Art of Building a Premium Brand (PDF).

2. Refine your brand strategy

Premium salon brands have one thing in common: a robust brand strategy.

Your brand strategy will maintain and affirm your place in the community. Your brand elements, including your identity, purpose, and positioning, should be consistently executed across channels. You can read more about building a brand strategy here.

3. Build on your story

Why did you create your business?

Every business has a function designed to generate income (otherwise, they would be nonprofits). In the beauty industry, your business is likely created for much more. Are you filling a gap in the industry, following your passion, or continuing a legacy?

Premium salon brands leverage their history — positioning their existence as a consequence of the past.

Tell a clear story about the purpose behind your business. Share why your salon exists, and build on that story as you continue your salon’s journey.

4. Take a stand

What does your business believe in?

When looking at premium salon brands, you will often find that they make a stand. This element involves sharing their beliefs and supporting them within the salon’s platform.

By not trying to appeal to the interests of every customer, taking a stand creates an exclusive richness to the brand. These beliefs can also serve as a cause marketing effort to help businesses align with customers who value this mission.

5. Stay honest

You will never find a premium salon brand trying too hard in their sales efforts. These businesses know their value, and they don’t need to prove it to anyone.

So, when building your luxury brand, focus on honesty over pushy sales tactics. Authenticity will attract the right customers to your business. Instead of customer-focused sales techniques, simply share the benefits of your products and services.

While you should still invest in marketing efforts and sales training, center them around transparency. This practice shifts the focus to your business and creates a luxury-brand experience.

6. Future-proof with a timeless brand

Trends are a central part of the beauty industry. While you should always find your place within new trends, the core foundation of your business must be timeless.

If you build your brand around fleeting trends, your business will disappear with them. To create a timeless brand, ask yourself, “How will this decision impact the long-term business?”

Since trends tend to repeat themselves, you can also envision how your brand would stand in years past. If you find yourself with a business that would fit well within one decade but none of the rest, chances are you are building a brand with a 10-year lifespan.

7. Focus on your experience over solutions

Premium brands offer an experience rather than a solution.

When focused on solving a problem, most people (including your clients and customers) will want to do so in the cheapest, quickest, and most effective way possible. As such, solution-focused brands become a commodity.

Luxury brand positioning is elevated to much more. Clients will visit for the experience rather than just the solutions you are offering.

8. Customize your services

Personalized service offerings are key to any premium salon.

You would expect to pay more for an outfit tailored-made vs. something you buy off the rack. Similarly, luxury brands offer an experience tailored to each client. If your services are “one-size-fits-all,” you may fail to meet varying customer needs or expectations, which can fall short of the premium brand experience.

However, many brands struggle to balance service personalization within a standard salon schedule. An online booking tool like Mangomint can help. By offering add-ons that intelligently change the price and duration of each appointment, your schedule can be tailored to the unique needs of every client.

Support your salon’s success with Mangomint

Luxury brands need high-end support. Mangomint’s suite of salon software services is here for you. Learn why Mangomint is the highest-rated salon and spa software by signing up for a free trial or booking your live demo today.

Emily Holzer
Emily Holzer is a Content Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a master’s degree in English and a passion for helping salons, spas, and other local beauty businesses thrive. When she is not writing, you can find her playing chess or tending to her houseplants. Fun fact: Emily has donated 8 ponytails (so far) across 5 hair loss charities in the U.S.

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