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The Mangomint Method

Our proven method to get more clients and bring them back more often.
Rule One
Know your market
Rule Two
Have your ducks in a row
Rule Three
Advertise the right way
Rule Four
Stay on top of mind

Know your market

Make sure you have a good understanding of the fundamentals of your business, your clientele, and positioning in the market.

Things you should know:

  • What is your brand and which values does it stand for?
  • How do clients perceive your business and the services offered?
  • What do you know about your clientele (age, income, gender, interests, etc)?
  • What do the numbers look like (sales, new client acquisition, retention, average ticket, etc)?

Why is it important?

If you want to be strategic about growing your business, knowing these things is a must. Every good plan of action is based on a solid understanding of the situation. Without it, you're just making lucky guesses.

How can Mangomint help?

We will guide you through a process to find out where you are today. Depending on how well you already know that, we will also help you put the tools and procedures in place to capture that information.


Have your ducks in a row

Make sure that the way you present your business and communicate with your clients is aligned with the overall brand and market position.

Things to take care of:

  • Brand material, logo, photography
  • Yelp and Google pages
  • Your own website
  • Profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and others

Why is it important?

Having a consistent brand across multiple touch points is critical for gaining the trust of new clients and strengthening the brand image. Without it, you're in danger of getting fewer bookings and dissatisfied clients because of incorrect expectations.

How can Mangomint help?

Not every business needs this, but if necessary, we can provide the full range of services and we can manage the process with external partners.


Advertise the right way

Stand out from the crowd and reach your potential clients with the right message, at the right place, at the right time.

Components of a successful campaign:

  • Define the target audience
  • Set up a clear value proposition and promotion
  • Pick the best channels to reach your audience
  • Put proper tracking in place to measure results accurately
  • Continously experiment to optimize efficacy

Why is it important?

Of course you need to be on Yelp, Facebook, and Google. But so is everybody else. Online advertising is NOT about boosting posts on Facebook or paying for Google. A tailored advertising campaign is about getting real results for your business.

How can Mangomint help?

We take care of planning and executing entire campaigns, start to finish. This includes setting up conversion funnels, landing pages, and analytics. Not only that, we will also continuously monitor and optimize all the parameters in order to maximize results.


Stay on top of mind

Don't let your clientele forget about you. Give them a compelling reason to come back regularly.

Proven tactics you can use:

  • Relevent and segmented email marketing
  • Social media engagement campaigns
  • Data-driven reminders and promotions

Why is it important?

Turning new clients into repeat clients is one of the most effective ways to grow your salon and spa. Without these retention-oriented tactics, you are simply losing people that could otherwise become loyal clients and brand advocates.

How can Mangomint help?

We offer full-service email marketing that uses your existing data and we can also advise and provide guidance on how to use social media effectively and integrate it into the client experience in an authentic way.

What can we do for you?

We'd love to have a conversation to find out how we can help your salon and spa.