Set Multiple Staff Members to "Not Working"

To quickly set multiple staff members to "Not Working" go to:

Settings (Gear Icon)  >  General Settings  >  Set "Not Working" For Staff (Under Tools)

This tool is useful when multiple, or all staff members need to be set to "not working," in cases when the business is closed due to holidays or other times when staff members are not working, like during a vacation.

Setting staff to "not working" acts as an override to their schedule. Any normal repeating schedules will resume when the staff or staff members return from "not working."

Note: When all staff members are set to "not working" then no appointments will be available in online booking for those dates. This allows online booking to remain enabled so clients can book future dates when the business is open or when the staff member/s are working.

  • Select the staff members that should be set to "not working"

  • Select the date or select "Custom Date Range"

  • If a custom date range is selected, choose the start and end dates

  • Submit your changes

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