The articles in this section explain how to handle refunds in Mangomint as well as on the Poynt device.

There are two important steps when refunding in Mangomint:

Step 1: Refunding the actual payment

Refunding a payment doesn't happen in Mangomint directly. Instead, it happens in whatever payment method you choose. (Cash or credit card refund)

If you use Poynt, you can learn how to process a refund here: Refunding Payments on Poynt

If you use other credit card processors, you can find helpful guides here: Refunding Other Payments

Step 2: Voiding the sale in Mangomint

You will need to mark the sale as Voided within Mangomint. This is important to ensure that you will have accurate numbers for any sales or payments reports.

To learn how to void a sale in Mangomint, go to: Voiding a sale

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