Sales, Checkout & Payments

The help articles in this section cover everything pertaining to sales, the checkout process, payments, and refunds. Learn how to checkout appointments, sell products, collect cards-on-file, handle returns, manage the cash drawer, and get answers to questions about sales, checkouts, and payments.

Sales & Checkout: The checkout process can be initiated via the calendar screen and the sales screen. Learn more about using the Mangomint checkout and how to manage special checkout circumstances like saving a checkout for later or checking out different appointments together.

Payments & Point-of-Sale: Get help with payment methods and point-of-sale workflows from the help articles in this section. Learn how to handle tips, split payments, handle Poynt connection issues, and more.

Refunds & Returns: Learn best practices for handling refunds and returns on Poynt and in the Mangomint software.

Cash Drawer: Articles about using the cash drawer and the daily close out process.

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